Zenith Welcomes Flying Pioneer Franky Zapata To Become A Brand New Friend

On July 25, 2019, just 110 years after Blairio’s pioneering flight, Zenith Zenith’s newest brand friend Franky Zapata first tried to fly from France to the United Kingdom with the help of a 21st century aircraft. He holds the joystick and wears Zenith Pilot’s Adventure watch. Unfortunately, FrankyZapata failed to fly over the strait due to unfavorable weather conditions, because the turbulent sea made it safe to stop and refuel on the way. Accurately accumulating experience, FrankyZapata’s conviction is stronger than ever, and he announced that he will launch another challenge in the future.

   Breaking the limits of possibilities and inspiring individuals to realize their dreams are all important parts of Zenith’s brand genes. Like pioneer Blairio, early flight attempts gave Louis Blairio the nickname ‘King of Wrecks’, but in the end he successfully flew over the English Channel in 1909. Each flight also prompted FrankyZapata to improve Skill, let him go further to achieve his goal. Franky Zapata, born in Marseille in 1978, is an entrepreneur, inventor, top athlete and pilot. FrankyZapata’s original dream was to fly on the water. He not only possesses extraordinary athletic ability, but also persevering pioneering spirit, and keeps his firm commitment to help explorers and urbanites ‘take the stars’.

   FrankyZapata’s unique and innovative personal flight method is derived from rich hydrojet flight experience, the use of turbine engines, and intuitive flight control designed around the human body. The jet-powered ‘FlyboardAir’ suspension skateboard can take off and land vertically, with unique and unprecedented mobility. This device relies on the Zapata © technology platform, which is said to be the safest, simplest, lightest, and easiest personal aviation system to date. Today, the ‘FlyboardAir’ suspension skateboard is only slightly larger than a large drone. It is driven by five small jet engines through ‘mass transfer’ and can continue to fly for more than ten minutes before replenishing energy. The device adjusts thrust by holding the joystick.

   The Zenith Pilot’s Type20Adventure watch (model: 29.2430.4069 / 63.C813) is comfortable and robust, equipped with an ElPrimero column wheel automatic chronograph movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve. This 45mm-diameter bronze watch is inspired by original aeronautical instruments, with a wide, easily adjustable ratchet crown, and a khaki green grained dial, decorated with oversized Arabic numerals made entirely of Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material The legibility of the ‘PILOT’ logo is guaranteed, creating an indispensable 21st century watch. In addition, the watch is available in a khaki matrix calfskin strap, as well as replaceable camouflage crocodile leather straps, both with protective rubber lining and titanium clasp.

   After completing his flight over the Channel in 37 minutes, Louis Brillio described his trust in Zenith pilot watches: ‘I highly recommend it to those who seek precise timing.’

   The Zenith Pilot’s Watch is designed by pioneers with a distinctive and innovative taste, and is specially equipped for pioneers who are determined to fulfill their dreams. 110 years later, Zenith Pilot’s Type20Adventure watch has proven itself to be the proud accessory of FrankyZapata’s modern exploration, and the ultimate timepiece for modern adventurers to perform beyond the limit. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)