Zenith El Primero Tourbillon Chronograph

Zenith, a Swiss professional mechanical watch brand with 145 years of superb watchmaking technology, has returned to the classic and simple watch design this year, abandoning the previous complicated dial settings and presenting the Zenith watch with a simple appearance Versatility and high precision. Although returning to ‘simple’, the delicate manufacturing process and precise movement equipment still maintain the highest quality for a century.

    Tourbillon tourbillon, the world’s greatest complex mechanical device invention, uses a rotating frame to frame the movement’s balance wheel and escapement, boldly resisting the effect of gravity on the mechanical movement, which can reduce and reduce Because of the time error caused by gravity, the accuracy is unquestionable. Installing the tourbillon device in the high-frequency El Primero movement at 36,000 rpm is like an impossible task. However, the outstanding engineers in ZENITH watch factory have done it, overcame such a difficult task, and created the world’s fastest vibration tourbillon movement.

    In 2010, the new Zenith El Primero Tourbillon tourbillon watch, with its simple dial configuration, has the finest watchmaking craftsmanship and the strongest and most powerful heart, the El Primero movement. In addition to its chronograph function, it also has a surround With the unique date display of the tourbillon, a 50-hour power reserve, stable and accurate high vibration frequency, it presents an impeccable example of a top watch. There are two choices of rose gold and stainless steel. I believe it is definitely your most valuable collection.
• El Primero 4035
• 36,000 revolutions, 50-hour power reserve
• Tourbillon at eleven o’clock
• Patent date display (surround tourbillon)
• Sapphire crystal glass mirror
• 44 mm diameter
• Rose gold or stainless steel case
• Stainless steel recommended price NT $ 1550,000
• Rose gold recommended price NT $ 2050,000