Who Says Tape Can Only Move-omega Ocean Universe Dive Watch

At the end of May, the weather was very hot, so the editors of our watch family thought that we should recommend several diving watches for everyone. Before recommending, we decided to make one on our Weibo. Voting means that each editor recommends a diving watch. Which watch likes the most people? Voting has begun. I thought that even if the watch I recommend is not the first, it must be the second. Soon the voting is over. I am glad to see the voting results. Before I saw it, I was still full of confidence, but when I saw it, I almost fainted. This was not because of excitement, but because there was no candidate for the watch I recommended. I At that time, I couldn’t figure out. Why is there such a ‘Gao Fu Shuai’ with a deep background, outstanding appearance and delicate heart? After thinking about it, we still don’t know much about it, so I decided to talk about this watch I recommend today: the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean.
Its background is not simple

 The Omega Seamaster series of Ocean Universe watches was actually born as early as 2005. At that time, I remember that the big watch trend had just risen. Its birth not only conformed to that trend, but also the design style of the appearance can be said to have the old state of the hippocampus. Sweeping away, the most important thing is that its main model’s bezel also uses extremely ‘irritating’ orange. It is precisely because of this color that it became the most ‘wary’ watch of the year. Many people at the time The first sentence to enter the watch store is, I want an orange ring.

 Some people may ask, Omega has not always put fashion first, why did it choose such a ‘tide’ and jumping color? Because orange is the color of the reefs in the Capri Sea, this watch does not forget to highlight this color through the details of the stitching on the strap.

 Although the appearance of this watch is outstanding, the movement still uses the old hippocampus movement, which is regrettable. But in 2011, on the picturesque island of Capri in Italy, Omega released a fully upgraded seahorse series marine universe watch, the upgraded marine universe family, fully equipped with the revolutionary Omega-produced 85 series coaxial Movement or newly launched 9300 chronograph coaxial movement. We will say today that this watch is equipped with an 8500 movement.
Bezel is the key
Although the voting results were cruel, I definitely recommend this watch for good reasons. Before I talk about this watch, let’s take a brief look at the Ocean Universe family of the hippocampus series. At present, the family has three product lines, namely the regular product line, the timing product line and the large size product line. The size of the regular product line is 42 mm for men and 37.5 mm for women; the men’s chronograph and large models are 45.5 mm. The reason I recommend a 42mm watch is because it fits most Asians.

 Some people may ask, since you said that the orange circle is the most susceptible, why not recommend the orange model. And this is the key point I want to say. There are currently 5 types of bezels in the Ocean Universe family: blue ceramic Liquidmetal alloy bezels, orange matte aluminum bezels, black or white ceramics and inlays. Drill bezel. Since the matching ratio of orange ceramics has not yet been developed (should soon be), when other new ocean universes are upgraded to ceramic bezels, only the orange ring models will still be aluminum bezels. Since they are not ceramics, they will be There may be scratches or discoloration, and the black ceramic bezel of this watch can give you no worries.

 Although it is still unclear whether the common ceramic bezel also uses Liquidmetal’s processing method (let the metal flow into the pre-engraved ceramic word ring in a liquid form), it is certain that the processing method is also unusual. Interested friends can watch the video above.

 In terms of function, if you think this watch is a good product, then you are very wrong. This marine universe is a very professional diving watch with a waterproof depth of 600 meters, although you may not Dive to that depth, but it is enough to ensure that you will not have any worries in daily water activities. If you really want to go diving one day, its one-way rotating bezel and the 10-point helium exhaust valve will also Get everything for you.

 In order to make you feel like a fish in the sea, the hour scale on this dial is coated with a white luminous coating, which, like the polished arched rhodium-plated hour and second hands, emits blue light in a dark environment. The dots on the minute hand and diving bezel glow green. This feature makes it easy to read the time with one glance when diving.
Movement is the most important

 2007 was a very important year for Omega. In this year, Omega released two exclusive self-made double barrels, coaxial escapement movements-8500 and 8501. These two new movements are composed of 202 parts, with a diameter of 28 mm. They have also won the COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Certification) precision timepieces. The only difference between them is that the automatic tourbillon and balance wheel splint of the 8501 movement are made of 18K red gold and assembled in a precious metal case. Today this marine universe is an all-steel model, so it is equipped with an 8500 movement.

 In appearance, the main substrate of the 8500 movement is made of rhodium. The screws, barrels and balance wheels inside the movement are all black-treated. Compared with the more common high-temperature firing blue steel materials, DLC and The special way of adding carbon-fiber-like materials to brass presents the unusual modern feel of matte. The splint and autotop are not polished with the usual Geneva stripes, but with innovative radial textures. They have a typical Arabic-style line design. In addition to the distinctive red lettering, the edges of the splint are also beautifully chamfered.

 Of course, this movement is naturally equipped with the patented coaxial escapement technology that Omega prides itself on, and is equipped with a fine spring mechanism without balance spring and balance screw, which can really be said to be armed to the teeth. This ensures that accurate and reliable timing can be maintained during long periods of operation. In addition, the movement’s vibration frequency is very individual, which is 25,200 times an hour. In addition, the movement is equipped with two tandem barrels that can strengthen the power source, which is driven by an automatic top-of-the-line winding. In addition to the design of the dual barrel, which provides greater stability, it also ensures that it has a 60-hour power reserve.

 The most important thing is that the Omega 8500 movement carried by the latest Ocean Universe family has been upgraded on the basis of the original. It is equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring. More accurate and reliable, Omega has provided this watch with up to 4 years of after-sales service.
to sum up

 It is understandable that no one chose this watch before upgrading it, but it is so unreasonable to upgrade to such a powerful level that no one has chosen it yet. You can question my taste, but you still have to refer to the taste of 007. This is nothing more than turning that ‘SkyFall’ stainless steel bracelet into a more comfortable and lightweight rubber stitching strap.