Chopin Launches 950 Platinum L.U.C Lunar One Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Limited Watch

L.U.C Lunar One was first introduced in 2005, and it has become the icon of Chopard’s fine watchmaking series for many years. Lunar One occupies a special position in the L.U.C series, which prompted Chopard to launch a special version for it: the case is entirely made of 950 platinum, limited to 100 pieces. 950 platinum is a very noble and long-lasting stable metal, showing a deep neutral gray. The case diameter is 43 mm, the sides are treated with vertical satin, and the bezel and lugs are polished to create a pleasing texture effect, which further enhances its visual depth and appeal.

   The multi-modified case perfectly matches the multi-layered dial. The dial is royal blue, which is in line with the trend. The solar radiation pattern radiates around the ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo below 12 o’clock. The ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo is decorated with white and stands out from the dial, naturally attracting attention. The perpetual calendar display is surrounded by chamfered borders to ensure perfect legibility. The large Roman numeral time stamp font is unique and has been mirror-polished. The moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock, and the dark blue sky dots the stars of the northern hemisphere night sky, and decorates the changing moon phases.

   The Calibre 96.13-L movement is the crown jewel of the Chopard Manufacture, and its perpetual calendar function always indicates the exact date, regardless of the length of a month, and even the February special case is taken into account. Its unique feature is the moon phase display, which is not just a disk rotating below the dial, but a complex set of parts that can show the true appearance of the moon. The orbital moon phase display (the moon phase rotates around the axis of the small second hand) is extremely accurate. It is carefully adjusted by Chopard watchmaking craftsmen. Only one day of error will occur every 122 years.

   The Chopard LUC Lunar One is equipped with a Calibre 96.13-L self-winding movement, equipped with a 22K gold micro-rotor. Precision operation. The traditional L.U.C logo embellishment and exquisite embossed ornamentation represent the extremely sophisticated retouching of the Calibre 96.13-L movement. The bridges are chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. The movement is also equipped with a round grained main splint, mirror-polished stainless steel parts, and a gooseneck hairspring trimmer. It not only meets Chopard’s highest quality standards, but also follows Chopard’s long-established and prestigious Geneva standards.

Bell & Ross Br05 Series World Premiere

Urban Modern Style

  Bell & Ross, the leading brand in the aviation timepiece market, has designed the iconic BR03 square watch for professionals in extreme environments. Today, the brand has added the BR05 series. This brand new watch faithfully inherits the brand slogan of ‘easy to read, practical, reliable and precise’, showing a distinctive urban modern style. The case lines are ‘square and round’-this is the basic geometric shape favored by the Bell & Ross brand, reflecting the brand’s characteristics.

  However, the structure of the BR05 watch transcends the square and round shapes, and has the rigor of a square and the perfection of a circle, forming its own distinctive personality. The atmosphere’s confident style makes full use of the infinite vitality, bright rhythm and richness of the city. In short, BR05 is a modern timepiece designed for urban explorers.

Brand new logo

01 square in the circle

02 one-piece case

03Bracelet and case integrated into a whole

Integrated design

  BR05 uses a one-piece case design: the bracelet and the case are fully integrated into a whole.
  Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director Bruno Belamich once said: ‘This integrated design of the case and bracelet not only fits the brand’s visual identity, but also adds another height to the watch: the first The links are part of the case. This type of design dates back to the 1970s, and when transferred to Bell & Ross, it produced vivid graphical effects, stunning visuals, and modernity. ‘

New style


  The rich surface technology of the BR05 watch is truly eye-catching. The 40 mm case is beveled. The satin finishes are particularly flat. Polished chamfers accentuate and enhance volume.

  The extraordinary and flexible stainless steel bracelet also adopts this decorative style of alternating satin and polished surfaces.

  The radian of the curve is given special attention so that all parts are harmoniously matched to ensure that the bracelet fits comfortably on any wrist.

  The new collection also comes with a embossed rubber strap for an even more fashionable taste. The dial of the BR05 is decorated with delicate radial sunburst, which guarantees excellent legibility. It is available in silver gray, navy blue and dark black.

Incarnation of power


  With its one-piece design, super robustness and comfort, and exquisite surface craftsmanship, the BR05 can be a loyal partner for any positive urban modern lifestyle. This timepiece with a distinctive personality exudes a strong aura and elegance. It can be said that Bell & Ross’s latest model of masculine timepieces: like sculpture, fascinating. This watch is ideal for active men who are eager for the challenges of modern life, who control time, and who control their own destiny.

RMB 35,900

RMB 39,900

Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.321. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Case: 40 mm in diameter. Frosted polished steel. Sapphire case back.
Dial: black sunburst. The appliquéd numbers and hour-markers are coated with Super-LumiNova®.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Strap: matte polished stainless steel or black rubber strap.
Buckle: folding buckle. Frosted polished steel.

RMB 35,900

RMB 39,900

Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.321. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Case: 40 mm in diameter. Frosted polished steel. Sapphire case back.
Dial: Grey sunburst. The appliquéd numbers and hour-markers are coated with Super-LumiNova®.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Strap: matte polished stainless steel or black rubber strap.
Buckle: folding buckle. Frosted polished steel.

RMB 35,900

RMB 39,900

Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.321. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date.
Case: 40 mm in diameter. Frosted polished steel. Sapphire case back.
Dial: Blue sunburst. The appliquéd numbers and hour-markers are coated with Super-LumiNova®.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Water resistance: 100 meters.
Strap: matte polished stainless steel or blue rubber strap.
Buckle: folding buckle. Frosted polished steel.

Conquer The Sports Field With Top Specifications: Richrd Mille Sports Watch

As the representative of top-level timepieces at the top of the pyramid, RICHARDMILLE’s watches present a wonderful timepiece work through uniquely created materials, ingenious designs, and laborious decoration. In the sports watch type, whether it is land, sea or sky, it is accompanied by various sports players to challenge the limit.

   In the aviation field, RICHARDMILLE was inspired by the E6-B pilot slide rule invented by US Lieutenant Philip Dalton in the 1930s to create the RM39-01E6-B flight calculator automatic winding watch. This unique system is presented by a bi-directionally rotating outer ring and a fixed inner ring, and displays the complex flight calculation performance in bright colors (green, yellow, orange) (including fuel consumption, flight time, density altitude, wind speed effects, etc.) ); In addition, it also provides numerical comparison of different measurement units, allowing pilots to quickly perform unit conversion.

RM39-01E6-B Flight Calculator Watch Titanium and Carbon Fiber Case, 50mm Diameter, Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Big Date Almanac, Month, Two Places Time, Flyback Timing, Countdown, E6-B Flight Calculator performance, RMAC2 self-winding movement, waterproof 50 meters, rubber strap.

   The equipped RMAC2 automatic winding movement is composed of 620 parts and 62 gems. It has a variable inertia balance wheel and a patented variable geometric automatic disk. It can adjust the winding efficiency and maintain stable kinetic energy according to the wearer’s wearing condition. . It has a large date that can automatically adjust the size of the month, the second time (adjusted by the 8 o’clock button), a countdown, and the flyback timing function (2 or 4 button operation).

   In order to avoid the dense and dense performance during operation, the crown has a locking mechanism. Turn the black area on the crown. When the arrow on the crown shows red, it is locked and green is unlocked. The four-layer case is made of titanium and carbon fiber. It must go through 800 milling processes and finish in 11 hours, showing the requirements of the top watch for details.

The RMAC2 self-winding movement is a combination of 620 parts and 62 gems, with a variable inertia balance and a patented variable geometry automatic disc.

   RM60-01RegattaFlybackChronograph is the brand’s first nautical-themed watch, equipped with RMAC2 automatic winding movement, with large date, second time, countdown and flyback timing performance.

   In particular, the bezel shows four azimuth reference points, plus 360 ° and 24-hour scales, as long as the large red arrow of the coordinated time (UTC) hand is pointed in the direction of the sun and the UTC button, you can turn the bezel to easily calculate the bearing.

RM60-01Regatta flyback chronograph titanium and carbon fiber case, 50 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, big date almanac, two places, flyback chronograph, countdown, RMAC2 automatic winding movement, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap.

   In the field of land, the RM67-02 watch is thin, light and sturdy. Its case is made of QuartzTPT® and CarbonTPT® composite materials. Through the lamination and interlacing, and 120 degrees Celsius and 6 bar high pressure treatment, it finally presents a unique The texture can withstand any extreme environment. RICHARDMILLE also launched the corresponding RM67-02 styles for many brand friends including French skier Alexis Pinturault, to compete in different sports fields.

RM67-02AlexisPinturault watch QuartzTPT® and CarbonTPT® composite case, diameter 47.25×38.7 mm, hours and minutes, CRMA7 automatic winding movement, waterproof 30 meters.

Big Patek Philippe Brand Watches Produce Less Than 20,000 Pieces Per Year

Simple and not complicated design, which can only be described by classics, something that can not be ignored. Some well-known people love the Patek Philippe brand watches. They are also the first choice with the highest cost performance. Manually refined watches take a lot of time, and Patek Philippe produces less than 20,000 pieces per year. Produced using precious metals such as gold and state-of-the-art equipment. Production craftsmanship: combining the traditional craftsmanship of designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, bracelet makers, sculptors, porcelain painters and jewelers. Movement: Automatic 自动 Material: Steel
Bottom cover: through the bottom
Case thickness: 9mm
Case diameter: 40mm
Recommended reason: The only one with complicated functions in the whole group, self-produced movement, micro-engraved pattern, moon phase display, this price is very good value.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Watch Introduction

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY Traditionnelle World Time Watch
18 K pink gold case, 4 2.5 mm in diameter, Vacheron Constantin’s self-winding movement 2 4 6 0 WT, dial made of ‘Lambert Projector’ world map with 37 time zones display
This year’s Geneva, there are two very powerful World Time watches. One is outside the SIHH field and is a UTC world standard time watch developed by F.P Journe. When it comes to the world, Vacheron Constantin is also an expert in related fields. He made the first one in the 1930s and has continued to introduce new ideas. However, the world time function is not like other complicated functions. It is based on the actual time zone division. The design creativity can only be down-to-earth, it is difficult to take the lead and ignore the objective requirements of the wearer.
PAThis PATRIMONY Traditionnelle world time watch is outstanding in covering the most complete time zone and the convenience of operation. At present, the time adopted by some countries in the world differs from the world standard time by half an hour or fifteen minutes. For example, Venezuela adjusted the entire time zone to half time zone (GMT & ndash; 4:30) in 2007. This watch can display 37 time zones Time, covering all imaginable areas. Its operation is also very simple, all crowns can be done. The wearer only needs to select the time zone city to be referenced on the 24-hour digital disc, and rotate it to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock for accurate reading. For example, the picture currently shows 10:11 local time in Geneva, and 9:11 in London in the time zone adjacent to Geneva.

The Art World Of Bvlgari

Recently, the exhibition ‘BVLGARI Bulgari’s Art-Sweet Life and After 1950-1990’ has been grandly opened at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. The exhibition features about 150 pieces of jewellery created by the famous Italian jeweller BVLGARI in the 1950s and 1990s, including several private collections by Elizabeth Taylor.

 Some of the precious exhibits are loaned by local collectors, and this is the first time they have been exhibited publicly. In addition, the exhibition also shows the cultural background of these jewellery works through sketch manuscripts, photos and other archival materials. It reflects the fascinating stories between celebrities, design and top craftsmanship, and is brought to the visitors through high-end interactive technology. A unique visiting experience.

 On the evening of September 18th local time, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which is part of the Di Yang Museum, held a grand dinner to celebrate the opening of the exhibition. Nearly 300 guests attended the Yu Di Yang Fine Arts. A cocktail party hosted by the museum’s Wilsey Court. Here you can enjoy a montage of movie clips showing the sweet life of Rome in the 1960s. Nicola Bulgari, Vice President of BVLGARI Bulgari Group, and Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of BVLGARI Bulgari, attended the event and delivered speeches.

 During the event, many glamour actresses also wore BVLGARI jewellery, including Hollywood star Hilary Swank, star Kate Bosworth and Chinese celebrity Zhou Jia Na (China Chow). Hillary Swank wears BVLGARI’s new DIVA top jewellery necklace. This necklace is made of gold and mother-of-pearl, and is set with brilliant emeralds, red tourmalines, amethysts and brilliant round brilliant cuts. Diamonds are a masterpiece of BVLGARI’s signature design essence, bold color combinations and round egg-shaped gemstones. Kate Bosworth chose another classic BVLGARI design. She wore a serpenti serpentine diamond earring with smooth lines, and a serpenti serpentine bracelet, which perfectly showed her personality. Zhou Jiana is a jewelry design of the 1950s and 1960s. The delicate platinum earrings she wears have a diamond flower pattern and 2 pear-shaped pink sapphires, which exude a retro elegance.

 ‘BVLGARI’s Art: Sweet Life and Beyond, 1950-1990’ exhibition will open from September 21, 2013 to February 17, 2014 at the Di Yang Art Museum.

Hublot Opens In London’s New Bond Street Store

At the opening of the 36th Hublot Hublot store, the world’s greatest legendary tennis player Ilie Nastase, and Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Time Products Chairman Marcus Margulies unveiled the Nastie Bang watch.

Ilie Nastase is the first player ranked No. 1 in the world since the official ATP World Rankings. He sat in the No. 1 spot for 40 weeks at a stretch. With a high level of tennis talent, the ‘hot temper’ has brought a fresh air to the tennis world. He also likes to use some funny and humorous moves to please the audience, stimulate the opponent’s true fair competition, and attract thousands of people. Love this sport.

The special edition Nastie Bang watch is a tribute to Ilie Nastase, limited to 132 pieces. Why is it 132? In honor of the 132 titles Ilie Nastase has won in his career!
Source: Hublot

Dior’s New Granville High-quality Jewelry And Watches Awaken Childhood Memories

Granville (Granville), a small coastal town in Normandy, France, is where Mr. Christian Dior spent his childhood. In childhood, for the young Christian Dior, it was the joy of traveling through the colorful garden.
   Granville (Granville), therefore became the micro-adult world in the eyes of young Mr. Dior at that time.
    Today, it is Granville and Mr. Dior’s childhood time here that has become the new fine jewelry of Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior’s Fine Jewelry Department-Granville (Granville) The source of inspiration for the series.

Dior High Jewellery Granville Tanzanite Ring

   Granville (Granville) series consists of 12 unique works, interpreting the childishness and creativity of childhood games. Victoria explains: “Like the sticker games played by children, these works look natural, as if they have not been carefully designed.” —— The series uses colorful gems to interpret endless childhood games, awakening people to childhood. Memories.

Dior High Jewellery Granville Red Tourmaline Ring

Dior High Jewellery Granville Pink Tourmaline Earrings

   Victoria’s favorite colored gems: emerald, peridot, aquamarine, tanzanite, emerald, pink tourmaline, red tourmaline, etc. are all displayed in the Granville series without exception .

Dior High Jewellery Granville Pink Tourmaline Bracelet

   She praised these glittering, delicate toned gemstones: ‘They seem to have life. As the finishing touch, colors are combined in a very harmonious way, so no color is absolutely dominated, every All colors have the same opportunity to shine. ‘

Dior High Jewellery Granville Morganite Ring

   Victoria harmoniously blends dark gemstones and aquamarine gemstones with different setting techniques, cuts and sizes to create a sense of color rhythm. Relying on the interplay of bright gems and precious metal materials, ingenious designs and unique rhythms, the jewelry works are full of feminine and dynamic, showing the extraordinary skills from the most advanced high-end jewelry workshops in Paris.
   At the same time, in order to pay tribute to Mr. Dior’s childhood in Normandy, Victoria also designed La D de Dior ‘Granville’ series of high-end watches.

La D de Dior Granville Collection

   Nine pieces of this series are made of white, yellow or rose gold. Among them, the bezel of the rose gold model is set with a round brilliant-cut yellow sapphire and the crown is decorated with diamonds. The dial is made of turquoise and pale pink. The patent leather strap is paired with a rose gold buckle with diamonds.

 La D de Dior Granville Collection

   These new watches are perfect for the festive atmosphere of Lanville Carnival-those days that have added infinitely colorful colors to Mr. Dior’s childhood. At this time of year, Mr. Dior will always tirelessly design holiday clothing for himself and friends.

Carl F. Bucherer New Year’s Eve Watch Choice

At the end of the year, the pace of the festival is approaching again, and still worrying about what gifts to choose for your beloved and friends? In this joyful season, Swiss watchmaking brand Bucherer has carefully selected a collection of men’s and women’s watches that combine the brand’s 125 years of outstanding watchmaking essence, unparalleled jewellery craftsmanship, and timeless classic design. It will surely bring you and your lovers a warm Christmas in the middle of the winter.

Plavi AutoDate

 How to incorporate extraordinary features into a clean and simple design is indeed an insurmountable challenge for watch designers. The Plavio AutoDate watch introduced here has succeeded in doing this, reflecting the Bucherer’s brand philosophy of ‘do not go with the flow’. On this watch, the stainless steel case and the chain line are clean and comfortable to wear; through the anti-refractive sapphire crystal, the watch’s various functions are displayed at a glance: the silver hour, minute, second hand and the 3 o’clock position The calendar windows are arranged in an orderly manner on the magnificent mother-of-pearl dial, and the layout is pure. Nine FC TW vvs-class diamond hour markers add magic to the overall design of the watch. The outstanding mechanical functions brought by the Swiss-made automatic movement, combined with elegant and timeless design, illuminate every night on the wrist this winter.

 Plavi AutoDate (stainless steel case and bracelet)

Maliron AutoDate

 The Maliron series is a masterpiece of the Bucherer men’s watch, highlighting the brand’s 125-year model of watchmaking art since its founding in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888, and its design represents a timeless elegance. This Maliron AutoDate watch with a stainless steel case is the immortal creation created by the brand using the 1960s watch design charm. The three-pin design combined with the size, simplicity and elegance combined with the calendar window at 3 o’clock, highlights the introverted, first-handedness and indulgence, which is most suitable for the gift given to him with a mature and stable temperament. Behind the clear and easy-to-read dial is a Swiss-made CFB 1965 self-winding movement. The transparent sapphire crystal on the case back can also be used to appreciate the movement of the automatic rotor of the movement and the precise operation of each part of the movement.

 Maliron AutoDate Watch (Stainless Steel Case, Alligator Leather Strap)

Ariega watch

 In the early twentieth century when watches began to rise, Bucherer has created a number of women’s watch collections combining elegant watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship for elegant ladies. This persistence continues to this day, and continues on the brand’s Aliga watch collection. The unique curved rectangular case is the hallmark of the Alika series, with beautiful radians and lines, and the right proportion exudes graceful feminine beauty for their owners. The Alija series has a variety of materials and design combinations, which will definitely meet the unique temperament of each woman. One is a light brown crocodile leather strap with Roman numerals 12, 6 and beveled hour markers, which adds extravagance to the watch owner; the other model is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and case, and silver Arabic numerals on the dial The time symbols match seamlessly, showing the extraordinary temperament of modern women’s independence. The two watches are inlaid with 40 FC TW vvs diamonds weighing 0.3 carats on both sides of the case, making them beautiful and elegant.

 Aliga watch (stainless steel case, alligator strap)

 Alija watch (stainless steel case and bracelet)

Liu Tao Wang Ke Wears A Couple Watch Cp Who Uses This Trick To Open A Relationship Is Really A Lot

Before I was watching the new business reality show ‘Dear Inn’, Liu Tao and her husband Wang Ke were invited to run an inn in a scenic spot. Don’t look at already a pair of ‘old husband and wife’, but they are very good at sprinkling dog food in the show you and me, not only that, they also wore couple watches in the show, showing them clearly The tacit understanding of the couple’s taste in life.

Tao Tao and Wang Ke participated in the variety show ‘Dear Inn’

Liu Tao wears Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Watch

Wang Kedai Montblanc Heritage Collection Universal World Time
 At the time I watched the program and noticed that Liu Tao and Wang Ke both wore watches when they went out, but the video picture was too horrible to see at all. Later, after releasing high-definition pictures, the Montblanc Heritage Collection Couple Watches in their hands successfully showed their affection again. Liu Tao wears a perpetual calendar watch, while Wang Ke wears a Universal Time watch. In the past, Liu Tao had ladies’ Van Cleef & Arpels, limited Patek Philippe and so on. She always liked watches with more complicated dials. The last Girard Perregaux ‘Three Golden Bridges’ also impressed me. This Montblanc complication watch Get her favor again. However, compared to her husband Wang Ke’s 40,000 world-fashion model, Liu Tao’s 140,000 watch is still inferior in her private collection.

Bruce Lee Daimler Collection Lady White Gold Diamond Watch

Jia Nailiang wears Richard Mill Men’s Collection RM 11-03RG

Jana Liang Dai Richard Men’s Collection RM 35-01 RAFAEL NADAL

 Another variety show similar to ‘Dear Inn’ is called ‘Youth Hostel’, and Li Xiaolu is also one of the guests. Although Jia Nailiang did not participate, this did not prevent them from drying their lovers’ watches. On the show, Li Xiaolu often appeared in Ms. Richard Mille’s white gold diamond watch, she did not pick food or cook. And Jia Nailiang also has several Richard Mills, Nadal series 35-01, red gold case automatic winding flyback chronograph, etc. Depending on the number of hands, it should be Jia Nailiang who brought Li Xiaolu into the pit?

Cheng Xiaoyi wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116503 black dial diamond watch

Zheng Kai wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch

Zheng Kai Dai Richard Men’s Collection RM 11-02 SHANGHAI
 Cheng Youth’s girlfriend, Cheng Kai, also participated in Youth Hostel. Zheng Kai is a man who likes watches. He didn’t buy too many watches. He had been wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak some time ago. During this time, he changed to Richard Mill RM 11-02 SHANGHAI series. In fact, his girlfriend is very low-key, and his watch is also low-key compared to Li Xiaolu. She has a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series, but I think that the girls wear black dials with diamonds.

Luo Zhixiang and girlfriend Zhou Yangqing wear Richard Mille watch

Luo Zhixiang wears Richard Mille men’s collection RM 35-02 RAFAEL NADAL

Zhou Yangqing Dai Dai Richard Mille Collection RM 037 LADIES
 It was written that today’s couple watch special has almost become Richard Mill’s special. It is because the young star CP couples really have a deep love for Richard Mille. Luo Zhixiang and girlfriend Zhou Yangqing are also Richard Mille enthusiasts. At that time, they also guessed that the ambiguous relationship between them was due to the fact that the single-shot photos uploaded by them were found by the media with sharp eyes. Piggy and his girlfriend, who have long since confessed to love, will wear the same watch.

Guan Xiaotong and Luhan Dai Richard Mille Japan limited series couple watch

 Let’s look at Luhan and Guan Xiaotong again. I realized afterwards that it was already an old routine to use Richard Mill to make a couple watch, and then open the relationship.

Zhang Ruoyi wears IWC Portuguese watches

Tang Yixin wears IWC Da Vinci Collection

 The pair of Zhang Ruoxin and Tang Yixin finally did not follow the line of ‘one person, one Richard Mill’. Their couple watch is IWC. Zhang Ruohuan has worn IWC watches many times in private and public events, including marine timepieces, Portofino, and the Portuguese series. His girlfriend Tang Yixin wore a raspberry pink Da Vinci series. Fanfen just fits her sweet character.

 I don’t know if there will be a couple in the next pair of children who will open their relationship in the way of a couple’s watch? It seems that people with sharper eyes are really likely to dig into the material.