Unique And Rare Watch Masterpieces Seeking Rare Lange Watches

Since launching the first watch series in 1994, Lange has quickly become one of the world’s most prestigious watch brands. In the past 20 years, in addition to a small number of extremely complicated 18K gold and platinum 950 watches, Lange has also created commemorative series and limited edition treasures from time to time to fully demonstrate its superb skills.

Item No. 45 (Limited 50 pieces): This unique TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ is equipped with a small movement,
and a special combination of platinum 950 case and black dial.

Special Edition: This 1815 KALENDERWOCHE made of 18K yellow gold is limited to 50 pieces.
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the famous Munich store Uhren Huber.

SKUNST, for the first time hand-painted blue numbers with big calendars.
   The Japanese Watch Forum Webchronos is now looking for these rare watches. The promoters of this event have multiple identities, including writers, well-known Japanese bloggers, and senior connoisseurs and collectors of the brand. He hopes to use this project to record a series of Lange watchmaking treasures.
   In the early stages of the collection, the first task was to determine the location of these rare watches. Webchronos.net invites watch owners to visit the registration area of ​​the forum on March 19, 2014, fill in relevant data and background data, and upload watch pictures to register their treasures.
   All data will be verified by Lange experts before the actual work is carried out. Only watches with one or more characteristics are considered unique. For example, the watch is engraved with a custom pattern; it is equipped with a special dial; it is set with gemstones or made of special materials to distinguish it from other works in the same series. Watches that are classified as rare need to have different characteristics, and the number of watches produced must be between two and ten. In addition, during the selection process, a few limited-edition watches with higher production volumes will also be considered.
This book is currently in the preparatory stage and is expected to be available in 2015. This publication will bring together a number of eye-catching watches, which are of great reference value and will definitely attract the attention of brand lovers. In 2015, it was Ferdinando, the founder of Saxony’s precision watchmaking industry. Adolf. Lange’s 200th birthday is uniquely memorable.
Owners can register at www.webchronos.net for unique and rare Lange watches.