Ultra Light, Retro, Innovative Tasting Tag Heuer 1887 Chronograph Watch

In recent years, while TAG Heuer has continued to promote the development of concept watches, it has also continuously integrated new technologies, new concepts and new designs into consumer product lines, and continuously improved the basic watches. Quality and style. This year, Tag Heuer specially launched a Carrera chronograph with a forward-looking concept. The watch is made of CMC (carbon-based composite material), showing a mysterious black appearance. The official watch model CAR2C90.FC6341, not much to say together to appreciate.

    In 1963, a year when racing was booming, Tag Heuer launched the famous series Calera, which was famous for its high-precision timekeeping. Since then, Carrera has become a classic sports watch series under the brand. Today, the Carrera family is constantly growing, and it is also constantly pursuing long-lasting classic designs and innovations. This Carrera 1887 chronograph, launched this year, completely follows the essence of the Carrera series, integrates innovative materials, and perfectly balances the retro style into a unique shape. This is a beautiful year in Carrera. Landscape.

Tag Heuer Carrera Cal.1887 chronograph

    Carrera 1887 chronograph is one of the classics in the field of chronographs. Tag Heuer re-innovates this year every year, constantly breaking through from the perspective of materials, case design, and dial style to create distinctive visual effects. This watch completely banned the original Arabic hour scale and hour markers, and changed to a large digital minute mark such as 05-60, highlighting the significance of the watch.


    The watch has always been a bold change in the design of the crown and the chronograph button at 3 o’clock. This ingenious change is the first concept watch Mikrogirder used in 2012. This watch is based on Its accuracy is up to 1/2000 second and won the GPHG ‘Golden Pointer’ award of the year. Of course, this design is first and foremost loyal to the design of early chronograph pocket watches. The crown transposition allows the watch to be larger in size and the scales easier to read.


    Due to the black appearance of the watch itself and the polished mirror scales on the dial, the metallic scale dials are reflected in pure black at many angles. At the side angles, the three-dimensional dial can be seen very clearly. space. And this is inseparable from the help of the double-sided anti-glare sapphire glass. Under normal circumstances, the anti-glare glass will not be able to see the inner disk surface at such an angle.

Carbon-based composite case

    TAG Heuer’s special watch is characterized by the use of cutting-edge CMC carbon-based composite materials. This material is often used in the racing and aerospace industries. Its characteristics are light texture, no change in shape with temperature differences, strong resistance to abrasion. , Is a very good composite material. Of course, the application of such materials is costly, difficult to repair, and difficult to develop, and only a few brands use them.

    Paired with a watch, it is a leather strap specially treated by Tag Heuer. It is not as thin as a single layer of leather, but has a strong flexibility. It may be the result of filling more material than an ordinary strap. The slightly thicker strap matches the chronograph, and the sharp texture highlights the excellent strap quality.

    In addition to the case, the watch face is also made of carbon-based composite material. The Tag Heuer logo is manually inlaid, the metal surface on the mirror polished surface is set, and the small seconds dial is directly cancelled at 6 o’clock. You can find out here by the small second hand. Indication of seconds. The outer ring of the dial is a tachymeter scale, which has become the standard configuration of the chronograph. In order to better read the time, the three pointer fingers for timing are all covered with a bright red coating.

Crown and buttons

    At the 12 o’clock position of the case, there are the winding time adjustment crown and chronograph start and stop buttons of the watch. After manual operation, I personally think that the operation of the crown and buttons is good, and the feel is not tight and loose, just right, but Since it is different from the original 3 o’clock operation habits, it takes time to adapt.

Titanium folding clasp
    Fixed on a leather strap, Tag Heuer uses a titanium metal material to make the buckle, which is also a very lightweight metal material that is widely used in industrial production and is also frequently used in watches.

Case back and Cal.1887 automatic chronograph movement

    The screw-fastened bottom case is also made of carbon-based composite material. Through the bottom case sapphire glass, you can clearly see the TAG Heuer Cal.1887 self-winding movement with a dark coating inside, the decoration of the movement There are Geneva stripe ripples, and the whole is full of deep mysterious texture.

Summary: The development of the Tag Heuer Carrera series chronographs has been developed for half a century, and many classic timepieces have been derived. With the brand’s continuous strengthening of this series of technological breakthroughs and concept innovations, Carrera chronographs have a good reputation in the watch industry Rising day by day, it has gradually become the most advantageous competitor for autonomous chronographs with prices within 50,000. The official price of this watch is more than 70,000, a large part of which is paying for new materials. As a professional chronograph watch, its outstanding craftsmanship and racing concept complement each other and constitute its core value.