Tissot ‘ready-to-wear Time Witness The Times’ Ladies Watch & Clock Fair Shenzhen Kaihang

The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot held the ‘Ready-to-Wear Time Witness the Times’ Ms. Watch Exhibition in Shenzhen Vientiane City, using timepieces of ‘innovation from tradition’ to describe women The story changes with the times, showing Tissot’s long history in the field of women’s watchmaking. The Tissot Huiyi women’s watch released at the scene stunningly combined natural aesthetics and innovative technology to outline the beauty of contemporary independent women. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China and Ms. Zhang Yiyi, the brand’s best friend, are pleased to go to the appointment, and with the guests and many watch enthusiasts, they have traveled for more than 100 years of the Tissot brand and women’s watchmaking, and talked about the contemporary female spirit. It’s their own time story and femininity. At the same time, the reopening of the Tissot store in Vientiane City, Shenzhen, added a touch of glory to Pengcheng’s fashion frontier.

The beauty of beauty
 In June Pengcheng, the wind was blowing. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot opened the intoxicating curtain of a space-time aesthetic party in Vientiane City, Shenzhen. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China and Ms. Zhang Yiyi, a close friend of the brand, met with many guests and media friends to attend the ‘Ready-to-Wear Time Witness the Times’ theme ladies watch exhibition to discuss the story of women’s spirit and the changes of the times. Tissot brand has a beautiful heritage of women’s watchmaking history for 100 years. Taking the time as the axis, the exhibition perfectly presents Tissot’s splendid journey through time and space. The pieces of time that have arrived in China since the European continent intuitively and vividly tell us about women’s aspirations for changing watch choices as the times change. And demand. Just like women’s dresses in different periods, the exhibition of Ms. Tissot’s watches and clocks is full of historical stories of brand development and the continuous creativity of its watches, presenting the world’s more than 160 years of ‘innovation, tradition’ brand spirit to the world. .

Exhibition Watch-Tissot Necklace Watch, born in 1878, this necklace watch is a fine masterpiece for Tissot’s first overseas market, Russia.

Exhibition-Tissot Women’s Watch, born in 1923, foretells and interprets the long-term impact of women’s watches on the world

 Tissot applied its innate innovation spirit to the design and production of women’s watches and clocks, and took inspiration from the ever-changing style of women’s clothing. With each piece of outstanding timepieces that reflect the focus and care of women, they have achieved Women’s clothing and accessories are part of the historical significance. In 1878, Tissot launched an extraordinary product specially for Russia-18K gold necklace watch that can be opened on both sides, helping Tissot to open overseas markets. Time lapse to the post-war 1970s, when American feminists insisted on a new world of freedom and equality for women, Tissot decided to provide women with more diversified watch options. Bright colors and metallic textures have fulfilled the definition of beauty and freedom and equality of the new generation of women, and have become the representative of the female spirit in the 1970s. In addition to these two works, Tissot’s first ladies ‘watch with chronograph seconds hand, the first self-winding ladies’ watch, the first watch made from the rock of Jungfrau, and the T-Touch touchscreen watch are quite representative. The history of the exhibition is stunningly presented in the exhibition, such as a mirror that reflects the brand’s unique history, leading people on a charming journey through time and space.

Exhibition-Tissot bracelet bracelet watch born in 1970, the whole watch looks like a beautiful bracelet

Exhibition-Tissot pastel series women’s watch born in 1971, rich colors become the representative of the female spirit in the 70s

Exhibition-Tissot Rock Watch, born in 1985, made of rock from the Swiss Alps

Exhibition-Tissot Sottsass series watch born in 1985, designed by the famous Italian designer Ettore Sottsass for contemporary women

Beautiful women talk about contemporary female philosophy
 According to Tissot, each woman is a distinct and independent individual. The spirit of bravery, peace, love, persistence, cherishment, motherhood and so on for women are all drawn from the Tissot brand and become the source of inspiration for creating every elegant or lively ladies watch. Tissot especially chose to unveil the mystery of timepieces in Vientiane, a commercial landmark in Shenzhen. The century-old aesthetic tradition and feminine culture of the brand also attracted elegant ladies to this appointment.

Well-known artist Zhang Yiyi graces Tissot’s ‘Ready-to-Wear Time’ Ms. Watch Exhibition Shenzhen Station

 The day of the event kicked off in a beautiful and moving female time dance. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, made an elegant appearance, and counted the inextricable relationship between Tissot brands and women for more than 160 years. Afterwards, the well-known guest artist Zhang Yiyi made an elegant appearance, and together with Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, launched a smart discussion on the theme of ‘Contemporary Women’s Spirit’. After working in the Swatch Group for more than ten years, Ms. Wang Ying exudes the charm of independent and confident contemporary women; soon after her debut, she completed the perfect transformation from a newcomer to a strength warrior with her superb acting skills and kind and candid personality. Talking more about the pioneering spirit. The spirit of the times advocated by two outstanding women can be found in the splendid history of Ms. Tissot’s clocks. For Tissot, clocks have long been not only a tool for recording time and beautiful accessories, but also an intimate partner of women’s spiritual claims. .

Flowers blooming, imprinting the beauty of the female era
 On the evening of the event, the two female guests also unveiled a new Tissot female timepiece that complements the spirit of contemporary women-the Tissot Huiyi series of ladies’ mechanical watches. The natural aesthetic concepts and innovative timepiece spirit expressed in the Huiyi series made the Quartet guests as soon as they appeared. Tissot, a Swiss watch brand with a long history of more than 160 years, has been committed to exploring the needs of women since its inception. Today, Tissot has never stopped exploring and innovating the world of women’s watches. The new Tissot Huiyi series is this. A legendary testimony. Inspired by the roses in the Tissot Shield badge, this series of watches interprets the aesthetic propositions of women and nature, softness and resilience with blooming flowers. Whether it is the simple color without applying pink daisies, the distinctive sun light decoration in the center of the dial, or the rose pattern engraved on the automatic hammer, all of Tissot’s popular expression of feminine beauty from different angles-harmony, independence and nature. At the same time, the Mechanical Power 80 movement (Powermatic 80) has injected a precise soul into this extraordinary design watch, ensuring that the watch travels up to 80 hours, allowing women to control the time more easily. Between the rise and fall of nature, the Tissot Huiyi automatic mechanical watch is like a woman’s best friend of the time, accompanying her to record every special moment worth remembering.

Tissot Huiyi Series Mechanical Women’s Watch Diamond Scale

Watch paradise highlights Swiss professional quality
 The red silk is full of colorful heads, and the champagne is full of blessings. Today, the Tissot Vientiane store is re-launched, bringing a century-old watchmaking style to Pengcheng Shenzhen, which represents the speed of China’s development. Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Ms. Zhang Yiyi, a good friend of the brand, Mr. Luo Yiyuan, Assistant General Manager of China Resources Center, Mr. Lin Shaowei of Shenzhen Hyundai Timeline Watch Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Zhichang, Vice President of the Wholesale Division of Hendry Group Co., Ltd. Visit the new store in person at the event to cut the ribbon and unveil the gift.

Luo Yiyuan, Assistant General Manager of China Resources Center, Lin Shaowei of Shenzhen Modern Oasis Watch Co., Ltd., Zhang Yiyi, a famous artist, Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot Watch China, and Zhang Zhichang, Vice President of Hengdeli Group Co., Ltd. Shop ribbon cutting

Well-known artist Ms. Zhang Yiyi visits Tissot Store in Vientiane City, Shenzhen

 Shenzhen Vientiane City is one of the largest indoor shopping centers in South China. The newly renovated Tissot store in Vientiane City, located on the ground floor, is one of Tissot’s best-known and most comprehensive stores in China. The store is mainly in black, red and white, and uses luminous color changing showcases to display clocks. The overall style is simple, stylish and exquisite, making consumers feel like they are in the temple of watch art. The store’s façade design is simple and generous, highlighting the Tissot brand identity, creating a classic Tissot style. The store adopts the latest design of the front display cabinet in Switzerland, exquisite and clever display of Tissot’s dazzling watch products, from classic to sports, from fashion to nostalgia, all-encompassing; all kinds of clocks brewed under the meticulous and delicate light shrouded in unique beauty , All kinds of watches brewed a unique beauty and value under the cover of soft and delicate lights. At the same time, the store is also equipped with a Tissot repair service center. Professionals will ensure the repair and maintenance of watches with superb and efficient technology, so that consumers can enjoy excellent and accurate after-sales service when they buy a watch.