Tiger Heuer Launches Exclusive Dials Designed By Brand Ambassadors

TAGHeuer, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, is proud to launch an exclusive series of dials designed in collaboration with 11 famous brand ambassadors for TAGHeuerConnected smart watches.

   Football player Cristiano Ronaldo, ace DJ David Guetta, Nervo sisters DJ group, American football player Tom Brady, tennis prince KeiNishikori, baseball superstar Giancarlo Stanton, basketball giant Jeremy Lin, golf girl Jessica Korda, singer GEM Deng Ziqi, surfing master KaiLenny; everyone is eager to participate in the TAGHeuerConnected smart wrist In the design of the watch, feel this exciting and fulfilling sense.
   They all picked up their pencils and worked with Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH Group’s watch department and CEO of TAGHeuer, to design dials that are not only unique but also symbolize their respective fields. .
   Today, 11 original dials designed specifically for TAGHeuerConnected smartwatches are available through the exclusive TAGHeuerConnected app.