The Road To The Ultra-thin King Piaget Watchmaking Exhibition Beijing Station

In order to trace back the brand’s ultra-thin legend for nearly half a century, Earl Piaget held an excellent watchmaking exhibition in four major cities across the country to fully demonstrate its top watchmaking technology. Go to the capital Beijing, and hold the fourth stop of the excellent watchmaking craft show after Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shijiazhuang at Beijing SKP. Beijing is also the last stop of the craft show. The exhibition will continue until November 8th. Interested friends can Go to the appreciation by yourself and feel the charm of the ultra-thin king.

 The Piaget Super Watchmaking Exhibition was held in Beijing’s SKP mall. In the public area of ​​the mall, the story wall was used to build the venue. The story wall showed the honor of the Piaget watch brand’s ultra-thin legend and craft aesthetics. Intersperse short videos and have a separate interactive experience area.

 Piaget was already developing ultra-thin watches while pocket watches were still popular. In 1957, Piaget introduced a 9P manual winding movement with a thickness of only 2 mm, and launched a 2.3P thickness of 12P three years later. The self-winding movement can be said to have opened the Piaget’s ultra-thin kingship in manual and automatic mechanical movements. As for why Piaget is committed to the development of ultra-thin watches, because it was very difficult to fit the watch on the wrist and put on a shirt, and being able to fit the watch on the wrist is the symbol and aspiration of high-end people, then Why Earl’s success is because Earl’s brand motto is ‘Always do better than required’, and it is easy to succeed if the requirements are high.

Antique ultra-thin watch with 12P movement

 In the ultra-thin field, Piaget has independently developed 37 self-produced movements, of which 25 are ultra-thin movements, which have broken 14 world records in succession. The throne of the Earl of the Thin Realm is unshakable. Being able to have such an impressive result is closely related to its integrated watchmaking workshop. Piaget now has 2 workshops. The workshop in La Cote-aux-fees (fairy slope) specializes in movement development, and another Located on the outskirts of Geneva, the workshop gathers many skilled craftsmen, who are skilled in external components and jewelry inlays, and have achieved a strong combination of today’s Piaget.

Watch with 900P manual mechanical movement

 After talking about it, now, on the 140th anniversary of the brand’s birth, the brand launched its latest 900P manual winding movement. This movement is not just a movement, it can be regarded as a watch and a watch. On the whole, the movement and the case are integrated into one, so that the watch as a whole is only 3.65 mm thick, and 145 parts are precisely operated in a watch with a thickness of 3.65 mm and a diameter of 38 mm. This can be said to be a miracle.

 Today Piaget is not only unique in ultra-thin manual mechanical movements, but also in the ultra-thin automatic mechanical movements. The world’s thinnest automatic winding movements, 1200P and 1208P, are Piaget’s best Good proof. However, Piaget was uneasy about the status quo, and successively conquered the three complex functions of tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three questions, 600P tourbillon movement, 855P perpetual calendar movement and 1290P ultra-thin minute movement, all refreshed the similar movement Slim record.

 If you think that Piaget has only made achievements in the ultra-thin field, that’s too young, too naive. The above two watches are Piaget’s Great Fire Reel Enamel Watches and Piaget’s addition to the traditional Chinese zodiac elements. The world-renowned independent enamel artist Anita Porchet uses master-level reel enamel techniques to apply this on the gray dial A year of souls is drawn. If you look closely, you can see Anita Porchet’s signature (A.P) under the watch face.

GOA38588 gold sculpture watch

On the gold dial, elephants made of gold are lifelike. The master of art carved a three-dimensional picture with a pair of skillful hands, sculpting knives and chisels, which proves the earl’s position in the field of gold carving.

GOA38574 gold embroidery watch

The black silk dial, this design can be said to be very different. On the black silk dial, the pattern of a plum tree is first shown with gold threads. It can be said that it is completed with infinite patience. The precious gold thread used is up to 2 Meter.

Summary: The Piaget Watchmaking Exhibition will continue until November 8th. During this time, everyone can go to Beijing SKP to experience the charm of Piaget Watchmaking Technology on the 4th floor and feel its ultra-thinness for nearly half a century. The movement of the movement, feel the charm of its unique golden engraved watch and the super beautiful big fire filigree enamel watch.