The Perfect Quality Of Breitling Makes Travellers In Watches

A Breitling travel watch, as if the world is tied to your wrist, with its extraordinary performance and charming appearance, it has become a rare and outstanding travel companion for travelers and dreamers, traveling the world.

Fearless Travel Companion-Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph
 The Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph (Chronomat 44 GMT), with a new 44 mm diameter that fits all wrists perfectly, is equipped with the extraordinary Breitling homemade 04 movement, making it an unparalleled traveler’s watch. Conquer the world and set off from your wrist.

 The biggest feature of the Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph is that it can provide three time zone time displays at the same time: the central hand indicates the home time in 12-hour time, the red triangular tip hour hand indicates the second time zone time in 24 hours; engraved 24 The two-way rotating bezel with hour-digit scale provides a third time zone reading. Equipped with Breitling’s own 04 movement certified by the Swiss official observatory, it brings unprecedented convenience and perfect performance to the wearer. At the same time, the watch’s fusion of power and elegant original design also gives it an extraordinary charm: the finely carved rotating bezel is engraved with an exclusive digital scale, which is extremely polished and polished. The resolute and tough lines are like a determined traveler who walks all corners of the world without fear; the precise and extraordinary functions are like a wise and intelligent wise man, to accompany you to explore the infinite fun of the unknown. This is undoubtedly the ultimate dream of travelers-a timepiece that can travel around the world.

Luxurious enjoyment-Breitling Transoceanic World Chronograph
 When Paris ushers in the early morning, Rio is still late at night, New York is at dusk, and Beijing is at noon. For today’s “world people” who travel around the world and connect with the world, Breitling launches the Transocean Chronograph Unitime, an advanced and complex machine that combines “world time zone” and chronograph functions Timepieces, first-class luxury look and comfort.

 By carrying Breitling’s self-made 05 movement, Breitling has revolutionized the world’s famous time zone mechanism with an extremely simple and convenient adjustment system. The wearer only needs to pull out the crown and rotate forward or backward to enjoy the ballet-like dreamy adjustment-quickly and easily adjust the central hand (local time), and at the same time can read the time in 24 time zones , Convenient experience like never before, this is what every traveler dreams of. At the same time, with the exquisite world map chart, modern and simple lines, and the tireless pursuit of detail quality, Breitling Transocean World Time Chronograph watch perfectly combines innovative technology and modern aesthetics. It is the wrist love of those who pursue luxury precision mechanical watches.

Wind and Wind–Breitling Aviation World Time Watch
 As a veritable travel watch, Navitimer World is not only the most trusted wrist companion for pilots, but also has a very clear dual time zone display, ready to take off. Travel around the world.
 Equipped with the famous Breitling circular flight slider, the aviation world watch can perform all kinds of calculations required for flight with extraordinary precision. On this basis, a dual time zone display function has been added. A red pointed hour hand in the center of the dial can display the time at the other end of the earth through a 24-hour scale and indicate whether the corresponding time zone is day or night. The 46 mm diameter is extraordinary, while maintaining excellent wearing comfort. The bottom of the table is engraved with the time zone divisions of the major cities in the world, which maximizes the spirit of travel.

Heaven into the sea-Breitling Super Sea World Time Watch
 Whether it is the endless sky, the vast expanse of land, or the vast and deep sea, it is a fascinating world that travelers desire to explore as they wish. Breitling has launched Superocean GMT for travelers who love the ocean. It has outstanding waterproof performance, precise and practical three time zone time display function, and it is indeed the best travel diving watch.

 An hour hand with a minute hand in the center of the dial clearly indicates the local time at 12 hours; another uniquely designed red hour hand indicates the domestic time at 24 hours; with a two-way rotating bezel decorated with 24-hour numbers Used together, it is easier to read the time in the third time zone. The stainless steel case is sturdy and reliable, with a water resistance of up to 500 meters, and the rubber die-cut bezel adds a touch of fashion and vitality to this classic tough travel diving watch. Whether you are on a challenging journey or swimming in the blue and refreshing sea, Breitling Super Ocean World Time Watch is your most trusted partner.
 The size of the world, if measured by time, it will go through 24 time zones around the earth. From the rising sun in Beijing to the setting sun in New York, from the snowy Moscow to the scorching Sydney, travelers use their hearts to experience the vastness and infiniteness of time and space.