The Green Ghost Is About To Break 7?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Recently, there have been two major rumors of discontinuation in the luxury industry. Respectively, LV toiletry bags have been discontinued; Rolex Greenwater Ghost 116610LV is about to be discontinued. These two major discontinuation news have a huge impact on LV and Rolex’s market, the most direct impact is that led to the LV 26 wash bag and Rolex Green Water Ghost’s market rose rapidly. Now, the two most difficult things to buy are the LV 26 toilet bag and the green water ghost new watch. The LV 26 toilet bag store is out of stock and sold on the secondary market at a super-common price. It is no longer two days. Now the news of production suspension is nothing more than adding a fire. The news that Rolex Green Water Ghost is about to stop production came, the true and false news is unknown, but the price of Green Ghost’s new watch is going up. Now the green ghost has reached a critical moment. The price of a new watch on the secondary market will be more than 70,000. It is estimated that when these words appear on the watch home, the price has already broken 7, yes, it is over the public price. Already.

Rolex Green Ghost and LV wash bags often appear in this combination.
The rapid rise of green ghost prices makes people cry.
   This is the original word of a certain brother. I copied this sentence to show you how the green ghost has risen step by step to the point where it is today. A few years ago, the green ghost with a public price of 70,000 was not so tight in the secondary market. The price of a new green ghost watch was still around 50,000 yuan at the time due to exchange rate, secondary market and other factors, and the quantity was not small. It was basically at the point of wanting to buy at any time. If you encounter a low price, you can even buy one for more than 40,000 yuan, or close to 50,000 yuan. Even more than 50,000 green ghosts often feel expensive. Even when someone buys a watch, the people around them will persuade two sentences: ‘Wait for a while, wait for a low price.’ However, this is a tragedy. The other watches are cheaper, but the green ghosts are more expensive. Green ghost never returned to the era of more than 40,000.

The Green Ghost is one of Rolex’s strongest watches, except for Daytona.
   Everything is between 2 years. (Secondary market) Rolex red and black circles that can be bought more than 20,000 years ago, more than 40,000 are now recycled; more than 40,000 green ghosts are 2 years ago, and now more than 50,000 are recycled; Shell Daytona, now more than 80,000; 2 years ago, Patek Philippe 5712 was only 150,000, now more than 200,000. This is the reality. So it is obvious that the players who bought the green ghost at that time have now earned (if they shot).

People who bought green ghosts in the past two years when the market was relatively low, they all made it today, thankfully I do n’t chase green ghosts.
   Just in the past few months, the speed of Rolex Green Ghost is indeed surprising. At that time, I felt that when the summer came and the time came to show off my wrists, many other watches were too low-key, no green ghost anger, everyone started chasing green ghosts again. When the green ghost new watch market was relatively normal this year, I was impressed at 58,000. Then within a few days, it began to rise. The green ghost’s market and temperature were basically linked. The weather became hotter and hotter, and the green ghost became more expensive. Since then, it has gone from 58 to 60,000 and from 60,000 to 60,3. When the green ghost reached 60,33,000, we felt that the watch had risen too much. The green ghost is only 70,000 yuan (although it is difficult to buy in the store). However, it didn’t stop at 63,000, and two days ago, it was already 67,680 to get a brand new green ghost. Everyone can think about it. Some watch manufacturers need 68,800 to get a new green ghost watch, and then increase the price to sell, how can the new green ghost not exceed the public price? People bluntly, the new Green Ghost watch is just around the corner.

It’s inevitable that Green Ghosts are renewed. You can’t use 3135 for a lifetime.
A brother told me that Green Ghost is going to stop production.

   I think it’s normal. The Green Ghost must be replaced, and the Green Ghost must be discontinued. Rolex has concentrated on replacing the movement in the past two years, replacing the 3135 movement with a new-generation 70-hour power 3235 movement. It started with the flagship DAY DATE, then DATE JUST, and this year was a sea dweller. Now that they have all been changed to sea envoys, is it still far from the water ghost? Watches such as Airbus, Tanyi, Oyster Perpetual, and Yachts have just released new models in the past two years and have just launched new models, so it is likely to be a water changer next year. Switch to Water Ghost, the current version of 3135 Water Ghost will definitely be discontinued. However, I really feel that Rolex does not change the movement, it is 3135 movement, 3235 movement, in fact, there is no difference. Because Rolex is now a green tag, no matter whether it is 3235 or 3135, the watch travel standard is the same, with a daily error of +/- 2 seconds. Except that the 3135 has 48 hours of power, which is shorter than the 70 hours of 3235, the performance of the other watches is the same. Therefore, the current version of the Green Ghost version 3135, or the future version of the Green Ghost version 3235, as long as the external configuration of the watch case and size have not changed, I think the 3135 version 3235 version is not much different to me (compared to the movement, external watch Shell, size changes will have greater impact).

The green ghost will change to 3235 sooner or later, so it is normal to say that this generation of green ghost will be discontinued.
When the green ghost is about to break 7, what can we do?

   Two ways. One is to buy second-hand green ghosts; the other is to find a replacement.

   There is no denying that although the new green ghost’s new price is high and scarce, the number of second-hand green ghosts is not small, at least to the extent that they can buy, and there are many complete sets. If you really want to buy green ghosts and don’t care about second-hand, don’t stare at the new watch that is about to reach 70,000, it is not difficult to find a green ghost for 15 or 16 years. Many of these second-hand green ghosts are still being guaranteed. The price is not very expensive, now it is basically more than 50,000, less than 60,000. If it is not a full set and a single watch, the price will be lower. For players who are not at ease after buying, they can directly send them to the official Rolex customer service center. Rolex has an official watch inspection service. I remember it is 450 yuan. Spend a little money, and you are also at ease (please note the Rolex tag The table in previous years is red, now it is green, the standard time of the red tag is + 6 / -4 seconds per day, green is + 2 / -2 seconds per day, it doesn’t matter if you don’t mind these seconds).

Second-hand green ghosts have a difference in tags. Players who care about this problem can pay attention.
   Players who do n’t accept second-hand players can look at other watches that can replace green ghosts at a time when green ghosts are even overpriced. Although the Green Ghost is hot now, many other watches and many Rolex prices are reasonable. For example, second-hand green ghosts cost more than 50,000, 60,000, or about 60,000 yuan, and you can buy many other good Rolexes, such as blue and black circles GMT, black and white gold water ghosts, new color yachts and so on. Among them, I think the golden water ghost is one of the best substitutes for the green ghost. The same is the water ghost. The golden water ghost 116613 is more than 100,000 yuan (black plate 100500, blue plate 105000). In exchange rates, discounts, and secondary markets Under these conditions, the actual price is more than 60,000, which is very cost-effective. The gold ring on the bezel and the middle of the chain is luxurious. Similarly, the blue and black circle GMT has a public price of 69,900, which is basically the same as the green ghost. The actual price is also about 60,000, many of which are more than 50,000. The color circle recognition is also high, luxurious and stylish.

I think 116,613 golden ghosts are good substitutes for green ghosts, and the prices are similar.
   Recently, I also transferred watches that I do n’t wear often, and I want to buy one. In the process of trying to buy a watch, I felt once again that although Rolex is not a top brand, the actual market price of Rolex is more expensive than many watches that are known as top brands. Sometimes I really do n’t understand some top brands. Where is the top? Is it because of the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, three questions? God knows……