The First Choice Of Astronomical Table Within 100,000

The following brands have a very large number of observatory watches. You can say that they are very confident in their own skills and send all the movements to the observatory for certification. Anyway, lift reliable and stable observatory tables, they must be among them. If you have no idea in your heart and want to buy a real good watch, you may wish to choose a brand from among them, you will never regret it. Amado Bruna Men’s Watch
The beautiful and simple watch is full of artistic temperament. The Bruner series is a classic observatory-certified watch. The shape is inspired by the New York landmark Chrysler Building. It integrates art and watch, which is very practical. In terms of movement, it is equipped with an observatory-certified mechanical movement, with accurate travel time and a 40-hour power reserve, which can fully meet all daily challenges.
Breitling World Time Chronograph
In 1999, Breitling’s full range of product movements passed the C.O.S.C. certification and became a watchmaker that produces 100% of astronomical watches. Therefore, you can choose any watch item of the brand to be safe and reliable. The new World Time Chronograph is very practical. No matter where you are, you can quickly adjust to the local date and time. At the same time, it also has a precision chronograph function, which shows the complexity of the movement.
米 Omega constellation coaxial ‘LOGO’ dial watch
When it comes to observatory watches, Omega is everywhere. This constellation coaxial watch ‘LOGO dial’ is another attractive model among the brand’s newly upgraded constellation watches. It is equipped with the famous 2500 coaxial movement, which is one of the representative movements of mechanical watch innovation from 1999. It is certified by the Observatory. Another biggest feature is the Omega LOGO pattern arranged closely on the silver dial, which fully reflects the brand style. The iconic supporting claws have also been polished and are very eye-catching.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Calendar watch
劳 Rolex now has almost the most observatory watches, and every Oyster watch is certified by the observatory. This Oyster Perpetual Submariner Calendar watch does everything on land and under the sea. Since its inception, the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Calendar has continuously improved the waterproof technology. The diving depth has successfully reached 300 meters today from the original 100 meters and 200 meters, fully confirming the extraordinary and excellent Rolex in the field of watch waterproof technology. In addition, Rolex uses stainless steel 904L stainless steel instead of 316L steel for general watches. The former is more resistant to external attacks.