The Famous Watch Brand Is Inspired By The Legendary Women

Look at how women are now defending their rights and interests! British women’s political commentators are fighting for the right to vote, and at the International Women’s Conference held in Copenhagen in 1910, representatives called for the establishment of Women’s Day! I think we are in the early days of a huge change in the industry, and this will be an extension of the ongoing social change. It may be too early now. If you are interested, we can discuss this issue after 5 or 6 years. ‘
源 A source of infinite inspiration
The legend of love between famous people and women began in the 1920s, when pocket watches in suit vests began to be replaced by watches. The birth of the first watch to a fine jewellery watch is just one step away. It is commendable that Baume & Mercier made this new attempt, creating a unique and exquisite watch that became a real decoration.
名 The advertisement of Baume & Mercier at that time was to provide women with “wonderful watches for women”. With femininity as a never-ending source of inspiration, a lasting connection is established between the brand and women.
For several generations, this connection has become a feeling and understanding of each other from the heart. Baume & Mercier expressed and strengthened this emotion through the launch of several series of watches: the Baignoire series launched in 1920 and the diamonds released in 2005. (Diamant) series, in addition to the Marquise series introduced in the 1940s, the famous Carwok Catwalk bracelet watch introduced in 1997, and the Emily launched in 2008 designed by women and dedicated to women (iléa) series.
A source of endless inspiration for famous people
Internationally praised and best expressed sincere and humane care: Baume & Mercier turns on Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, Teri Hatcher and Evangeline -Lily (Evangeline illy) as the spokesperson, fully demonstrated the interpretation of eternal feminine beauty by celebrities.
名 The ‘Menshi and Me’ charity project has gone through four sessions from 2006 to 2009. Its purpose is to support many charitable projects on behalf of the brand: including research on cancer treatment, programs to improve children’s education and help women in poor areas.
Unforgettable memories
8 Copenhagen, March 8, 1910. The first International Women’s Day. Advocate women to enjoy the right to vote, to qualify for public office, to fight for the right to work and opportunities for professional training, and to curb discriminatory treatment of women in the workplace.
德国 March 8, 1914, Germany. Women’s right to vote was promoted until ratified on November 12, 1918.
8 United Nations, March 8, 1975. The United Nations begins to celebrate International Women’s Day.
法国 March 8, 1982, France. The Socialist government officially announced the celebration of Women’s Day.
3Washington, March 8, 1986. 100,000 people took to the streets to demonstrate against the Conservatives’ attempt to cancel property rights.
The Soviet Union on March 8, 1998. The first beauty pageant was held.
3 March 8, 2001 Internet. The Women’s Day website was officially launched to provide people with a publicity platform for all measures and opinions on women’s rights.
瑞士 Swiss March 8, 2010. Baume & Mercier launches a newsletter focusing on women.
精 The Essence of Diamond Series
The ‘Diamant’ diamond series is definitely the watch that can best show the leisurely and leisurely temperament of women. It embodies extraordinary excellence and colorful, attractive and elegant, delicate and gentle, simple and generous but precious, immutable and unforgettable. Taming elegant charm. It is suitable for busy women to wear in their daily lives, allowing them to perfectly display their natural appearance and sparkle brilliant light on any occasion.
Exquisite details: flawless, slim and beautiful design, smooth and charming curves, square case made of stainless steel or gold, whether it is diamond-set or non-diamond-set models, it fully reflects the unparalleled unique temperament.
The impressive feature: its oval crown is set with a centrifugal delicate diamond.
Glamour and charm of women: Each diamond series watch is set with brilliant diamonds carefully selected by Baume & Mercier, respecting the principle of gender equality, every elegant woman deserves such a refined and noble watch! —- ** *