Swiss Radar Opens Second Store In Hyderabad, India

On July 5, 2012, Swiss watch manufacturer and design pioneer Rado opened a new store in Hyderabad, and its brand image ambassador Lisa Ray attended the opening ceremony of the store. The new store is located in one of the most luxurious central locations in the region, Jubilee Hills, dedicated to displaying Rado watches.

    ‘South India is a very important market for Rado Swiss Rado, and opening a second store in Hyderabad shows its strategic significance again,’ said Matthias Breschan, CEO of Rado Swiss Rado.

    Here, Rado’s specialty stores of Rado highlight the introverted and quiet individual design and modest aesthetics of the Swiss brand. The store uses black furniture with matte and light effects, plus a seam-free and flawless surface. Against the backdrop of soft interior lighting, it reflects the essence of this future brand’s sense of innovation and design.

    Rado Brands Ambassador Lisa Ray spoke at the opening ceremony of the new store: ‘Today I am honored to unveil the new Rado Swiss Rado store in Hyderabad. This store showcases the exciting wrist of Rado Swiss Rado. The watch series, like the Rado True Thinline series of high-tech ceramics I wear on my hand, is so thin and extremely comfortable. ‘

    Rado’s most famous watch series, including Rado True Thinline, Rado D-Star and Rado Centrix, are all available exclusively at the newly opened Rado store. Depicts RADO’s unique brand philosophy: innovative materials, incredible design and infinite appearance.