Swiss Radar Everlasting As New

The Swiss radar watch is carefully crafted with extraordinary materials, which is more sturdy and light, and has excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance. For example, the classic DiaStar watch of the radar watch, after half a century of baptism, is still scratch-free and as new as ever.
Rado D-Star boldly uses high-tech materials commonly used in aerospace.
    The world’s evaluation of Swiss radars is polarized: ‘You either love it or hate it.’ This Lengnau watchmaker, located between Bienne and Soleure, says this Don’t deny it. Swiss Rado has nearly 100 years of professional watchmaking experience. Starting from the acquisition of Schlup & Co movement factory founded in 1917, and officially establishing the Swiss Rado brand in 1957, this Bern watch company is convinced that Only a watch with a unique personality can inspire emotion. Swiss radars have always strived to awaken emotions through innovative materials, including ‘hard metal’, sapphire crystal, ceramics and high-tech diamonds.