Swiss Mido “Inspired By Architecture” World 12 City Tour – New York: The Most Modern City

Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ tour of 12 cities around the world, this week came to the ‘most modern’ city-New York.

Flatiron Building

Freedom tower
 As if any word of praise could not fully describe the uniqueness of New York City. For over a century, this international metropolis with great influence in many aspects such as global finance, culture and entertainment, has continued to radiate the unique charm of TA. It has not only attracted outstanding figures in the fields of literature, art, film, music, etc. to treat TA Inspired by the muse presented in his own work, with its various urban architectural landscapes and cultural sceneries, it has attracted tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world to visit this modern city. To experience New York, just take the iconic New York subway to the top museums led by the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and enjoy up close appreciation of heavyweight art works and precious cultural relics from all over the world; or head down to Manhattan The old site of the World Trade Center in the city looks forward to nostalgia, while feeling the brand new Freedom Tower and the breathtaking WTC Transportation Hub; or standing in the ‘world’s crossroads’ of Times Square to experience crowds and enjoy the senses brought by Broadway’s top entertainment projects Shocked. In New York, the city of inspiration this week, Swiss Mido specially invited architect Eric Jaffe, who has lived in New York for many years, to lead everyone to experience this vibrant and vibrant inspiration city from his unique perspective. (For details, please visit the activity page of the official website of Mido and click to view).

Guggenheim Museum

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Bickman Building
 Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ Global Tour to New York, has revealed 5 most classic and representative landmark buildings, which are: Flatiron Building, Freedom Tower, Guggenheim Museum, World Trade Center Central transportation hub, and the Bickman Building. Netizens can log in to the official Sina Weibo @ 美 度 表 of Switzerland to like and comment on these 5 buildings. At the same time, participate in the Weibo event topic # 灵感 源 从 建筑 #, upload stories and inspiration photos related to the building (unlimited countries and regions), and @ 美 度 表 手表, you will have a chance to win Swiss Mido watches once a week One, the final winning netizen will be announced every Thursday on the official Sina Weibo of Swiss Mido Watch.