Straight Men’s Selection Guidelines ‘our Thing Is To Be Big’

the bigger the watch, the bigger the dick … The bigger the table, the bigger the *. This is a black slang word, languishing and confused. In fact, if you go around the station west, you can really find that many black brothers wear big ‘gold’ watches. Either they travel through narrow aisles or whisper in front of a stall. To be big is to say slang. It is no longer a slang word, but a naked reality. And the pursuit of ‘big’ is already the customary aesthetic of contemporary straight men. Whether it is a large space, a high-powered car, a large equipment in the gym, a large weight, or a large camera or a cannon that is sufficient for self-defense … so that a small watch on the wrist must be sufficient ‘. And the popularity of large watches, of course, there are traces. Tough guy style is the mainstream. We have elaborated the power of stars to bring goods. In fact, the popularity of big watches, especially sports watches, has nothing to do with the tough guy style of celebrities in Europe and America. For example, Ou Ji’s hippocampus is already standard on Hyundai 007. The technology is brave and advanced, and the face value is gradually increased, which is getting more and more attention. The big guys favor Panerai. The oversized diameter, pillow-shaped case, and iconic crown bridge protect the man. As long as the body is heavy enough and the arms are thick enough, you are not afraid to hold it. Of course, Rolex has always been the darling of celebrities, and it has been common among sports athletes. However, as a straight man, choosing a large watch, whether to follow the wind or not, must make a rational reference to his body type. For example, the governor’s box of collections is difficult for ordinary tough guys to control. In line with the trend of wearing, it is difficult to imagine the era when the 35mm Bubble Back was called a ‘big bun’. Perhaps most of the people who used to wear watches are in well-dressed industries. A watch that matches the three-piece suit must be small and beautiful. Although today, this standard has been relaxed (even DJ and DD have been expanded to more than 40mm). On the other hand, the new riches who are rapidly accumulating assets in various industries nowadays correspond to the trend of fast fashion and popular wear. Wearing long sleeves, shorts, coconut shoes, wearing a belt 36DD, even dad always said stingy. What’s more, it is not uncommon for ‘men’s watches and women’s wear’ now. Therefore, watches that meet the aesthetics of modern clothing are mostly ‘big watches’ with a diameter of 40-47mm. A straight man wearing a small watch is actually full of retro feelings. Revealing Wealth and Personality Although wearing watches is mostly to please yourself, admit it, straight men have a heart to show off. If you are just happy, there are many choices, but the popular brands and models are always those few. Obviously, a highly recognizable watch can meet the comprehensive needs of straight men. The fat and Daikinao mentioned in the previous article are all eye-catching. The new favorite in recent years is actually the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (and offshore) series. Tough octagonal case, shiny metal band, or fashionable tape, when you look at it, you know what and what. In this way, the diameter of the table is larger, the shape is unique, and the recognition is much higher. Although, from the perspective of modern people’s increasingly tall physique and dressing trends, the trend of big watches is overwhelming. For most Asians, it may be cool to wear a large watch for a long time and feel tired for a long time; however, everyone’s wrist circumference and wearing habits are different, and you can choose to wear it comfortably. Conscience advice: Wear the clothing you wear most often to try it on. In addition to the counter mirror, you must also refer to the full-length mirror to determine whether the watch is the right size. Too small and too large, the overall effect will be counterproductive. -End –