Star Cameron Diya Bravely Challenges The Spirit Of Tag Heuer

The so-called superstars do not necessarily have to equate with famous brands, but you will stay in sight for one second because of which brand they speak for!
 Hollywood actress CAMERON DIAZ played a new role in 2012: TAG Heuer (Goya) Goddess Muse in the new NEW LADY LINK Lincoln women’s series is dedicated to beauty without compromise with the world Born to women in the new era. In addition to mainstream movies, she broke the tradition and walked freely in small independent productions and high-cost Hollywood blockbusters. She received critical reviews from the film critics and box office. Well-known films can be successfully heard. Cameron Diya and TAG Heuer’s three-year endorsement cooperation will also help society focus on women’s issues, and bring more help to U.N. WOMEN, a women’s human rights organization affiliated with the United Nations. The characteristics of Cameron Diya who never gave out a security card and courageously challenged are in line with the spirit of the Swiss avant-garde watch brand-TAG Heuer. Each time TAG Heuer’s watch works set a new standard in the watchmaking industry, just like Cameron Dia challenged the rules and created today’s superstar. Cameron Dia is in agreement with TAG Heuer’s female theme this year, ‘BEAUTIFUL REBE Beautiful Rebellion’.
 Favorite Watch Factory: TAG Heuer
 Representative works ‘Modern Saint’, ‘Hala Maria’, ‘Perak Baby’
 Cameron Dia is not only a sexy blonde silly sister, but also has the charm of a femme fatale.
 The characteristic of Cameron Diya’s brave challenge is in line with TAG Heuer’s bold spirit.