Seiko Launches Lukia Autumn And Winter Series, Blowing Up Confident Ol Wind

Bright and dazzling like the spokesperson Miho Takino, she is confident and charming all the time. The 2009 LUKIA autumn and winter series launched a limited edition and an environmentally-friendly solar watch at the same time, revealing its own characteristics, innovative ultra-thin 6.2mm case design, and at the same time not forgetting to express LUKIA’s care for the earth and contribute to the environmental protection brand concept.

¬†2009 LUKIA’s new autumn and winter environmental protection solar watch uses the ultra-thin 6.2mm case newly developed by SEIKO, which greatly surpasses other watches on the market, and improves the turbid color unique to previous solar panels, with soft white or bright red face, It presents a slightly sweet style with classic and neat shapes, allowing the new generation of OL to match the clothing of different occasions as they wish, showing the best personal style of the new generation of OL who is not blindly obedient, but also shining and restrained. Environmentally-friendly solar watches can be recharged under sunlight and daily light. It is very convenient to replace the battery, so that the new generation of OLs can show their own fashion and never forget to love the earth to be environmentally friendly. The ergonomic strap design is suitable for the wrist. Let the new generation OL enjoy a high degree of comfortable wearing even if worn for a long time.

¬†LUKIA, who is good at bringing fashion trends into watch design, the new 2009 autumn and winter series continues the popular trend of this year’s rose gold. The elegant color matching of rose gold is more eye-catching and the low-key blooming in the autumn and winter colors mainly based on dark tones. Gorgeous breath that cannot be ignored. The watch is paired with LUKIA’s classic round and rectangular surfaces. It is small and detailed, and the Roman numerals with radial shading on the dial extend the overall design of the watch, improving the recognition of time, combining fashion trends and immortal classics, creating a new generation of OL exclusive. Glamour taste and exquisite texture, whether it is work or leisure, can bloom vitality and charming style, becoming a representative of the new generation of fashion OL that attracts attention and influence.