Rumors Of Apple Iwatch-news Gevril

People can now buy a watch to use their GPS to track their location, and other existing smart watches use sensors to track your training and other physical activities. The problem with the first generation of smart watches was that almost everyone already had a watch. Today’s smart watches are very professional and don’t add too many traditional timing functions.
Apple iWatch may change all that. Apple’s infrastructure already includes thousands of innovative applications that add impressive new features to your phone, tablet and computer. Imagine if you could access these applications on your wrist. Using Bluetooth and the ‘cloud’ to communicate with other devices, Apple iWatch is likely to change the rules of the game.
Apple iWatch or some features
Perhaps the most valuable application for this new watch has nothing to do with timing. Imagine a watch that can eliminate frustrating passwords in an office environment. With iWatch, you can no longer enter the password about 10 to 20 times a day as before to ensure the privacy needs when leaving. With the added touch screen of fingerprint recognition, the watch can easily establish your identity in various situations.

Apple iWatch concept map by foreign media

Do you often lose your phone? Just use your watch to find it. When refueling, raise your arm and wave your hand to touch and pay at the gas station. This is very convenient, isn’t it? Apple Siri technology makes it easy for your watch to communicate without using a keyboard. Even traditional timekeeping features can be improved using smart watch technology, and your iWatch may automatically change the time zone for you when you travel. As Apple continues to improve its Passbook payment technology, your watch may even know where you are going when you board an airplane.
What will this magical new watch look like? No one knows the exact answer yet, but with Apple’s design expertise, it can be very shocking. Many people think that an iWatch will use Corning’s latest curved glass technology, with flexible glass around the wrist as a display screen.
When is the iWatch expected? Nobody knows. Many people think that it would be wise for Apple to catch up with the smartwatch trend as soon as possible. Bluetooth-enabled Pebble smartwatches are already on the market, and Sony has also developed a smartwatch that connects to an Android smartphone. Do you think it’s time for the Apple Watch? If Tim Cook agrees with you, maybe we will see it soon.
Source: John Sealander-Gevril Group