Project Z5: Harry Winston’s Innovative Generation Of Project Z Series

Z5 combines beautiful appearance and versatility into one. This is the latest new product of the prestigious Harry Winston Timepieces’ Project Z series. For the first time, the Z5 incorporates a tourbillon mechanical structure and dual time zones. It is designed for men who travel frequently, as well as men who are always in sync with the world. This extraordinary complex watch shows a unique sporty temperament. The mechanical structure (automatic) of the tourbillon is displayed at six o’clock.
Harry Winston’s master watchmaker broke a new challenge in the Z5, adding dual time zones.
The first time zone display-used for reference city, is placed off-centre at two o’clock, and the second time zone, smaller-is used for the city, placed at nine o’clock. A jumping display, with the names of twenty-four cities in French representing twenty-four time zones. In order to fully demonstrate the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, the designers of Z5 have further simplified the processing of this complex watch, and only need to rotate the crown to change the time and city at the same time.

The Z5 is a perfect new display of the company’s innovative spirit and watchmaking expertise, and represents the next step in the development of Harry Winston’s high-end Project Z series. This is the fifth tourbillon watch in the Zalium zirconium alloy case. Zalium is a new material unique to the company and is only used in Harry Winston’s high-end watches. The vertical guillochage pattern on the surface reflects the graceful and elegant beauty. The strap is available with a leather strap and a rubber strap. Both straps are designed with embossed, unique triangular swords-this is a hidden Japanese weapon-this is the Project Z watch Vivid symbol.
Source: HarryWinston Timepieces