Prestige Experience Rolex Couple Pair Watch Gold Combination Spot

Recently, the editor visited the Hengli World Watch Center in Xidan Shopping Mall in Beijing. Due to the low season of watch consumption, the passenger flow in the watch area of ​​the shopping mall is obviously not too much. In the Rolex counter, the editor learned that the ‘Golden Love’ couple combination watch is in stock. Although Rolex did not deliberately launch a couple model, the two models are very compatible.

Rolex Day-Date Watch

Rolex Day-Date 118238

    Rolex week calendar type 118238 is a modern upgraded version of the previous weekly calendar classic model 18238. Many watch enthusiasts who like antique Rolex know 18238, especially the good-quality, gold champagne dial, and tapered scale are very popular. . In 2015, the Rolex week calendar was upgraded again, and the 228238 with a 40 mm caliber 3255 caliber was launched. In fact, it is the same as 118238. 118238 uses 3155 movement, there are many versions, this time introduced a diamond scale version, using champagne shaded date weekday.
Rolex Women’s Date 179138

    Rolex designed a small-size women’s watch specially for noble ladies. The women’s diary 179138 is only 26 mm in size. It uses 18K gold and diamond inlaid case. Even the dial is also made of these precious materials. Rolex only chooses top diamonds. This is its value. An important part of it. There is no doubt that the ladies’ diary in precious metals gives women who love fashion and enjoy a status a wonderful choice.

Summary: ‘Golden Law’ seems to have become a synonym for Rolex luxury watches. Buying a gold watch and choosing Rolex seems to be about to become a benchmark, deeply rooted in people’s hearts. At present, Rolex’s 2015 calendar type, Cellini and other models have more sources of supply. Gold couples like this have a spot on the watch. It is understood that 2016 new products have not yet arrived at the exact time, based on the past arrival The delivery time will start to be listed around the middle of the year.

Rolex counter at Hengli World Watch Center in Xidan Shopping Center, Beijing

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