Poetic And Romantic, Enjoy The Jacques De Rosé Watch

As the ‘literary youth’ in the watch industry, Jacques de Lo is not only a very literary young man, it is also often a young literary woman. To what extent is literary art? A watch can make you feel like a spring breeze, peach blossoms in full bloom. At the Baselworld 2016, Jacques Dross’s elegant 8-series watch brings a new masterpiece, ‘Flower Rhyme’, allowing flowers to bloom freely.

   ‘Flower Bloom’ automatic doll movement, button trigger, 18K red gold petals, waterdrop-shaped ruby.

   Automatic doll ‘Flower Bloom’ automatic doll movement, embedded with 18K red gold petals, a drop-shaped ruby ​​(0.30 carat) that can be rotated in both directions, the automatic doll mechanism is directly activated by the button at 2 o’clock, the duration of the active scene: 6 To 8 seconds.

Summary: Mechanical dolls have always been Jacques Dro’s masterpiece, and the flower bloom structure with movable devices is an important feature of elegant 8-flower rhyme watches. It is also a collection of mechanical watchmaking and event doll art. Perfect ladies timepiece works.
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