Unique And Rare Watch Masterpieces Seeking Rare Lange Watches

Since launching the first watch series in 1994, Lange has quickly become one of the world’s most prestigious watch brands. In the past 20 years, in addition to a small number of extremely complicated 18K gold and platinum 950 watches, Lange has also created commemorative series and limited edition treasures from time to time to fully demonstrate its superb skills.

Item No. 45 (Limited 50 pieces): This unique TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ is equipped with a small movement,
and a special combination of platinum 950 case and black dial.

Special Edition: This 1815 KALENDERWOCHE made of 18K yellow gold is limited to 50 pieces.
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the famous Munich store Uhren Huber.

SKUNST, for the first time hand-painted blue numbers with big calendars.
   The Japanese Watch Forum Webchronos is now looking for these rare watches. The promoters of this event have multiple identities, including writers, well-known Japanese bloggers, and senior connoisseurs and collectors of the brand. He hopes to use this project to record a series of Lange watchmaking treasures.
   In the early stages of the collection, the first task was to determine the location of these rare watches. Webchronos.net invites watch owners to visit the registration area of ​​the forum on March 19, 2014, fill in relevant data and background data, and upload watch pictures to register their treasures.
   All data will be verified by Lange experts before the actual work is carried out. Only watches with one or more characteristics are considered unique. For example, the watch is engraved with a custom pattern; it is equipped with a special dial; it is set with gemstones or made of special materials to distinguish it from other works in the same series. Watches that are classified as rare need to have different characteristics, and the number of watches produced must be between two and ten. In addition, during the selection process, a few limited-edition watches with higher production volumes will also be considered.
This book is currently in the preparatory stage and is expected to be available in 2015. This publication will bring together a number of eye-catching watches, which are of great reference value and will definitely attract the attention of brand lovers. In 2015, it was Ferdinando, the founder of Saxony’s precision watchmaking industry. Adolf. Lange’s 200th birthday is uniquely memorable.
Owners can register at www.webchronos.net for unique and rare Lange watches.

About Betting Movement Homemade What Do We Need To Know?

High-end mechanical timepieces often come with technical specifications-dial, case, bracelet, buckle-every element you can name is split and detailed. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about terminology: in-house, the topic concerns the origin of the timepiece movement. Which watches are equipped with movements independently developed and manufactured by the brand, old players know this. In general, watches equipped with a self-made movement are more praised than watches equipped with a controlled movement.

   However, in the not-so-distant past, the entire industry relied on a few movement makers; brands were even happy to equip them with high-end unique timepieces. So why has “homemade” suddenly become the focus, and has it turned into a strong selling point?
   Designing and building a new movement from scratch is easier said than done, even today with computer assistance during the prototyping stage, so watchmaking brands generally turn to movement suppliers to obtain complete sets of blanks. Either simply retouching by hand, or replacing key components, or adding functional modules, watchmaking brands transform the movement blanks into their own use. One of the largest movement suppliers in the industry today is ETA SA, which dates back to 1793. Knowing that the movement is doomed to change its fate, ETA SA is still happy to sell blanks. ETA SA builds a common foundation for a large, if not most, part of the watchmaking industry (whether quartz or machinery).
   ETA SA is owned by the watchmaking giant Swatch Group, which owns many famous watch brands, including Breguet, Blancpain, Omega and Tissot. In order to ensure sufficient production components of its own brand, in 2002 Swatch announced that it would gradually reduce the external supply of movements, which caused a thousand waves. At that time, the brand was unprepared to produce its own movement, and other suppliers were unable to meet the growing demand.
   Of course, this does not mean that the production of movement blanks by ETA SA and other suppliers is completely exhausted, but such production no longer accounts for the vast majority, especially in the high-end part of mechanical watchmaking. Many resource-rich brands have almost established independent production capabilities, which raises an interesting question for us: given that homemade movements have become the norm, can they maintain their former reputation and add value to market sales?
   Watch enthusiasts always want their precious timepieces to be as unique as possible. It is even better if this uniqueness can extend to the core of timepieces. Establishing independent production capacity will significantly increase costs. Brands must increase investment in machinery and manpower. This cost is usually passed on to consumers at a premium. However, the watch market in the last two years has been changing, and the continuous demand has suddenly become calm and gentle.
   For several months, watch sales have been declining, especially in the Asian market. No light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. What does this mean for independent production capacity? One obvious trend is that self-control is no longer closely linked to high prices. The brand that started betting a long time ago has gradually matured, with sufficient production and cost control, so the price of watches equipped with homemade movements has become more affinity.
   It seems that the self-made premium selling point is no longer applicable, because self-made is losing its unique attributes and becoming more common; market conditions also indicate that few consumers are willing to pay for the premium, and they would rather choose a more competitive price, better production, and faithful Reliable movement.
   Betting on self-made has triggered a wave of innovation in the watchmaking industry. New materials and movements have sprung up, endless. It may be time to put aside the arms race and focus on the interests of the entire industry, seeking cooperation, sharing and win-win results, and ultimately let the innovation results benefit consumers.

Audemars Piguet Millennium Series Minute Repeater

Just like every great invention, the minute repeater watch comes into being. The invention of this most admired and intoxicatingly complex watch has enabled humanity to solve a seemingly simple, but long-standing problem long before enjoying the convenience of electricity: how to know time in the dark. At the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia’s Fine Watch Show, Audemars Piguet presents the Millennium Minute Repeater.
Watches and Miracles: Audemars Piguet Millennial Minute Repeater

 As early as the founding of 1875, the minute craftsmanship of the minute repeater watch has been embedded in Audemars Piguet and has been regarded as an important part of the heritage of this manufacturer of pocket watches and watches. Over time, it added other complex features, such as a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, and in 1885, a watch power reserve indicator was added.

 The accumulation of experience made Audemars Piguet launch the first minute repeater watch in 1892. This miniaturized masterpiece was later regarded as the core brand. As a result, the art of the minute repeater watch, which has been ignored for decades, was revived in the late 1980s, and Audemars Piguet became one of the first manufacturers.

 What is the heritage of this long tradition in the new millennial minute repeater watch, an excellent Audemars Piguet exclusive escapement with an oval case and a precision and complex movement, double balance wheel Gossamer, hand-wound watches with three-dimensional structure with spring mechanism and bell. The result is a pleasant sight and hearing.

Newest products in this series

 The new Millennium Minute Repeater continues a series of sophisticated Audemars Piguet watches, including outstanding Audemars Piguet masterpieces, such as the fifth d’Excellence watch, the MC12 Tourbillon watch , As well as a jumping seconds watch and a Carbon One tourbillon chronograph. This watch decorated with a rose gold frame features its timekeeping, minutes, seconds and minute repeater functions, combined with a specially developed winding system that makes it look like its illustrious ancestor-an innovative, sophisticated A sophisticated blend of technology and watchmaking know-how.

 Its uniquely shaped case has an eye-catching design, and a sub-dial with gold and enamel inlay, with an extraordinary mechanism of perfection, makes it immediately recognizable. What everyone has discovered is that Audemars Piguet watch makers incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs in the long tradition of the minute repeater watch, not just the AP escapement.

 Smooth running is essential for watches, and the escapement transmits the movement energy from the barrel in a completely smooth and linear way. Inspired by the creation of French watchmaker Robert Robin in the 18th century, the invention of Audemars Piguet combines the efficiency of a direct drive escapement with the reliability of a Swiss lever escapement.

 Combining the above two points, this watch manufacturer in Le Brassus has succeeded in reducing energy loss and eliminating the need for lubricating pallet forks-breakthrough technological advancements have enhanced rated accuracy, long-term stability and shock resistance Sex.
Exquisite engineering masterpiece

 A new manual winding mechanically driven minute repeater watch completely conceived, developed and produced by Audemars Piguet. It is further distinguished by its atypical structure consisting of a headspring and a tailspring, rather than a single balance spring.

 This flat, face-to-face double hairspring system has many advantages: it ensures automatic compensation for potential imbalance defects; it does not require the so-called Breguet balance spring curve at the ‘spring’ (this is notoriously difficult Idea) and avoid inaccuracies when the watch is in a vertical position without the need to help with a complex device such as a tourbillon.

 All these features help ensure finer adjustments to the balance spring which oscillates 21,600 times per hour. The two rotating barrels also ensure a power reserve of up to 7 days, while the third barrel, based on the contribution of this spring-loading mechanism, relies on the time much longer than normal by half and a half, thereby enhancing the law of prompting Sex.

 Finally, in terms of safety, the millennial minute repeater is equipped with a balance wheel braking system to ensure the accuracy of the time setting to the second. The new winding system also uses a safety device to prevent the time from being set during spring operation and to avoid any potential damage.

Dynamic three-dimensional structure

 Such an excellent mechanical device, of course, will be further strengthened by the same excellent trimming. The oval-shaped millennial minute repeater case is made of brushed rose gold and covered with a polished rose gold frame.

 Hour and minute dials set with gold and white enamel, offset from the three o’clock position, and a small seconds position at 7 o’clock, making the main moving parts clearly visible, highlighting a large number of hand-beveled Edges and inner corners, and anthracite-colored monoliths. Please also note that the ‘blue’ sound of the exquisite minute repeater watch can be appreciated from the case surrounded by elegant curves.

 Because this transparent case back allows you to appreciate such excellent level of detail design from both sides of the watch, the two distinct dynamic dynamic three-dimensional structures of the millennium series minute repeater watch are reflected.

 This watch’s contribution to the long history of Audemars Piguet timepiece craftsmanship is decisive-not only, maybe, because it brings a long history of functional watches to the 21st century.

The Art Of White Ceramics Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch Appreciation

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore watches are presented in a classic and brilliant image, while Audemars Piguet also owns the Millennium, Royal Oak, Jules Audemars, classic and traditional series, composed of many watches Knows the big family of Audemars Piguet, and enjoys a good reputation in the international watch industry. And the best shape of Audemars Piguet is the octagon of the Royal Oak, whose extraordinary temperament is praised by many table friends.
 Since the 1930s, watches have gradually entered the field of diving, from the most basic waterproof to 100 meters, to 300 meters diving, 600 meters, 1200 meters, 3900 meters, 12000 meters, diving depth is constantly breaking records, diving The watch has gradually entered the category of mass consumption. So far, the most well-known diving brands should be Rolex, Blancpain, and Omega. The next level of diving watches is mainly Longines Concas. Of course, there are many other outstanding brands doing this. The nations of the world, the chronometer of the sea, are also good at this.

Apart from IWC, Audemars Piguet is also one of the diving watches on display at SIHH this year, and it is also very stunning. It has changed from the previous stable state, in popular terms, it is elegant.
 Audemars Piguet has launched a diving watch every year since 2011. In 2011 it launched a steel case with a black inner ring. In 2012 it launched a carbon fiber case with a yellow inner ring. In 2013, the brand launched a black ceramic case. Red inner ring watch, this year, the brand launched a white ceramic blue inner ring watch. From the perspective of the entire design, it is more and more fashionable every year.
The diving watch newly launched this year is different from the diving watch launched last year only in terms of material, and the overall design elements are completely the same, but it is also because of changes in materials and colors that two completely different watches have been created. From the perspective of the brand, consumers are segmented, and from the perspective of buyers, there are more choices.

Audemars Piguet is best known for its Royal Oak and its offshore form, which are popular for their unique sporting style and stylish styling. At the same time, Audemars Piguet is still a family-run watchmaking brand. It is relatively free in design and has more room for innovation. This is also one of the factors that Audemars Piguet respects.
The new Audemars Piguet diving watch presented this year is water-resistant to 300 meters, which is more common in diving watches. In addition, the watch is equipped with the brand-made 3120 self-winding movement, which has the functions of stop-seconds and fast-adjusting calendars, and uses a bridge-type balance plate to stabilize the escapement speed control system.
According to the market price of the black ceramic diving watch introduced last year (157,000 yuan), the price of this watch should not be much different from this.
 Watch details: aibi / 31279 /

Casio G-shock 2013 Summer Crazy Color Series

The dark image of G-Shock has been ingrained in everyone’s minds for many years. Everyone naturally associates black with G-Shock. Probably Casio also noticed this phenomenon, so recently Constantly injecting bold color schemes into G-Shock, for example, the brand’s recently released summer collection, created a number of new DW-6900 watches under the name “Crazy Color” in the opening name;

 In addition to the color reference to the Japanese robot cartoon, the star pattern has become the theme element this time, exuding a strong oriental flavor, and the use of a white case and red surface design, which matches the dial The yellow star pattern looks like the entire national flag was transplanted to G-Shock, like a Chinese special note timepiece. The above models are priced at ¥ 12,500 and will be available at Casio retailers soon.

Ceramic Case With Silicon Hairspring Rado Radar Diamaster Small Three-hand Watch

RADO Radar’s new Diamaster series of small seconds and observatory certification series watches are now popular in blue, classic black or white dial with plasma-colored high-tech ceramic case, three-dimensional hour markers, willow Leaf-shaped hands, minimalist and generous faceplate layout, create excellent visual openness when easy to read, and also reveal the absolute gentleman’s absolute requirements for texture. The recessed small seconds dial at 6 o’clock perfectly combines practicality and decorativeness, condensing visual focus.

The Diamaster small three-hand watch is equipped with RADO’s signature high-tech ceramic case, with three-dimensional hour markers, willow-shaped hands, etc., the hands of the small seconds dial move neatly, bringing out the dynamic beauty of time

The movement of this watch uses a magnetically resistant and anti-shock silicon hairspring, which not only enhances the accuracy of the watch, it has also been certified by the authoritative Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) (-4 / + 6 seconds error per day) The silicon hairspring used in the DiaMaster small seconds automatic chronometer watch means that the watch’s movement parts are more resistant to wear and tear, and are not affected by the magnetism of life, maintaining higher accuracy. This excellent noise immunity is ideal for everyday wear.

Radar’s new Diamaster small three-hand watch is available in blue, white and black. The latter two are paired with rose gold hands to exude elegance, while the blue face is modernized with rhodium-plated hands.

The Diamaster Diamond Master series has always refined the elegant body lines and quietly records the passage of time. It can perfectly reflect the watch’s functions and design aesthetics in bars, gyms, offices and even daily commutes. And the connotation is reflected in the square inch.

Diamaster small seconds automatic mechanical chronometer certified watch

Polished high-tech ceramic material / ETA C07.881 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 43mm / reference price: 19,000 RMB

Citizen Super Sky Eagle Flying Basel

The 36th Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 3rd to 10th, 2008. Citizen, a global leading watch brand, launched a number of new products in the light of kinetic energy at this exhibition. . These new products reflect brand-new concepts and values ​​in both design and technology, making visitors refreshed.
  Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. announced at Baselworld 2007 that it has completed the optimization and integration of the company’s internal organizational structure. The optimized organizational structure enables the product research and development, production, marketing and other departments to better organically cooperate and respond fastest Market demand, and announced that by 2008, 80% of the company’s products will be light kinetic energy products. In 2008, this goal has been basically achieved. At the same time, the Citizen Company proposed a slogan: ‘Citizen New Field.’
  Mr. Nagai Nagai, President of Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd., introduced: ‘The new field of Citizen’ embodies the company’s vision-‘creating value.’ ‘This is the long-term goal of Citizen, and we will work steadfastly for this goal every year. We must make full use of the technical expertise and product research and development advantages accumulated over the years to develop Citizen’s unique products. With our own With comprehensive comprehensive strength in watch manufacturing, we will strive for greater market share. ‘
  At the Baselworld 2008, many new products exhibited by Citizen are undoubtedly the best interpretation of the spirit of ‘Citizen’s New Field’. They are the core of ‘creating value’-high-end solar-powered watches, and fully reflect The purpose of product development of Citizen has always been ‘the fusion of technology and beauty’
  Eco-Drive Super Chronometer, this is the first Eco-Drive watch specially designed for motorsports. It can achieve 1/1000 second timing, can record the results of 20 stages, and can calculate the speed (depending on the use of kilometers or Miles as a unit of measurement). From the appearance design, no matter the design of the dial, the bezel, or the design of the buttons, it reflects a strong sports style. When the time starts, the hands move at high speed, and the numbers on the LED display flash rapidly, allowing users to experience the irresistible passion and sense of speed. The watch also features world time and calendar functions, with time in 43 cities. When the timer function is not used, the world time or date can be displayed through the LED screen. The movement used in this product has the function of saving energy for 4 years.
  Solar kinetic energy calendar, this is another breakthrough and innovation in the history of Citizen Solar kinetic energy watch development. This series of watches has changed the way that the visible light source is absorbed by the dial and converted into energy to drive the watch’s operation. It has successfully realized the absorption of light through the bezel. Because of this, the series can use the all-metal dial design. The dial of the kinetic watch has more freedom in the future design. The design of the solar-powered calendar series is inspired by the intersection of time and space. This design describes the vast universe through the earth, the moon and the sun. The center of the dial is the earth. The moon phase profit and loss display at 6 o’clock reflects the moon, the date display at 12 o’clock reflects the sun, and the week and month are displayed at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively. The multi-layered metal dial design is full of depth, as if the universe extends here, symbolizing the movement of celestial bodies.
  Citizen introduced many new products at the Basel Clock & Watch Fair, such as aerodynamic chronograph with asymmetric dial design, large double-window display, bezel-mounted perpetual calendar with black diamonds, elegant diamond-studded ribbon Women’s watches with kinetic energy waves, dials using Japan’s carbon fiber light kinetic energy radio wave diving watches, etc., are all amazed by the industry. The most interesting one is undoubtedly the Citizen Super Air Eagle.
  Citizen launched the Super Air Eagle for the first time at the Baselworld 2007. After the completion of the China Standard Time Radio Tower in July 2007, it began to develop and test new movements, including the reception of radio signals in China. Basel exhibited for the first time in 2008. The product will be released globally simultaneously and will be available in China this summer.
  The Citizen Super Air Eagle light kinetic wave watch can receive radio signals in multiple rounds, with world time function (43 cities). When traveling across time zones, after the wearer selects the name of the city in which he is located, the watch will automatically receive the local standard time signal (US, Europe, China, and Japan) and adjust to the local time. The pointer display and LED display can be freely converted into local time or remote time according to the wearer’s wishes. This watch also has local time alarm and off-site time alarm function to meet the needs of those who often need to communicate with foreign countries. In addition, it also has international coordination, solar power saving 3.5 years, stopwatch timing, power display and many more Features. The design of the dial adopts bold black and white contrast, without losing passion in calmness. The strap is made of titanium alloy. The matte metal color is low-key and luxurious, and it is more lightweight and wear-resistant.

One Of The Small Goals For 2018. Three Female Watches Worth About 20,000 Yuan.

At the beginning of the new year, I believe that there must be a lot of people who have made new year plans for themselves like me. Although they can’t compare to Wang Jianlin’s ‘a small goal of 100 million’, there are still plans to start a watch. I specially compiled three watches worth about 20,000 yuan to recommend to everyone, I hope everyone can successfully complete their plans in the new year.

Product Model: 282
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 6.95 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: DUW 3001
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 21.13
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: montblanc / 43591 /
Watch Reviews: The Montblanc Bohère series watches have a style between NOMOS and Tag Heuer. The more traditional designs and color combinations are suitable for any occasion. The diameter of 27 mm is just right for women. This watch is a quartz movement, equipped with sophisticated and very practical moon phase function. The moon phase is displayed through a large crescent-shaped hollow window, elegant and easy to read, which better reflects the feminine style and grace. The dial is decorated with exquisite patterns, black floral Arabic numerals and diamond-set hour markers, showing the fine craftsmanship of the fine watchmaking style. I chose this moon phase watch because I personally feel that the moon is accompanied by the gentleness of the moon, and my mood will be much better.
Summary: With a budget of around 20,000, these three watches are all worthy of comparison in comparison. Three watches have three different styles. Choose one that belongs to you!

Glashütte Enamel Painted Memorial Watch

Gresutti Dresden Frauenkirche building enamel painted memorial watch manufactured by Glashütte and Meissen Ceramic Factory. The surface uses Frauenkirche, which best represents the traditional culture of Saxony and Dresden landmarks, as the visual subject. The pattern is fired from the extremely difficult ceramic technology of Meissen, and the historical remains of this ancient baroque building can be seen through the case back
     For example, in the Dresden Frauenkirche building enamel painted commemorative watch manufactured with the theme of Frauenkirche (Grand Church) in Glashütte, the architectural community shaped by enamel shows the most representative and diverse characteristics of urban elements. The stream-shaped churches on the banks of the Elbe River that flow endlessly stand tall and towering into the clouds. For Dresden and even the entire state of Saxony, this temple built during the time of August I undoubtedly represents the highest achievement that Baroque art can achieve; however, for a traditional watch brand and even Germany as a whole, It seems to symbolize the German spirit that has stood still after the baptism of war.

Iwc Engineer Series Complication Watch 18k Red Gold New Listing

Engineer series perpetual calendar digital date month watch was first released in 2013, and now finally welcomes the 18K red gold case. This model is powerful, with perpetual calendar, digital date and month display and leap year display and other functions. A small part of the energy is transferred and accumulated during the night-time date conversion every day, and is released on time at the end of the month to advance the display disc.
IWC Engineers Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch 18K Red Gold

Model: IW379203, limited to 100 pieces worldwide
Movement: IWC 89802 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), 51 gems, 68 hours power reserve
Functions: Perpetual calendar, flyback timing, date and month double digital display, leap year display, small second hand stop device, hour and minute at 12 o’clock, cumulative ‘clock in table’ timekeeping
Case: 18K red gold and titanium aluminum alloy, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, screw-in crown, diameter 46 mm, thickness 17 mm, water resistance 120 meters
Dial: Black
Strap: black rubber inset alligator strap with titanium pin buckle
   The engineer series constant-power tourbillon watch was first launched in 2013, and now also welcomes the 18K red gold case. The patented constant power mechanism is integrated inside the tourbillon, which decouples the escapement from the direct power transmission of the gear train, ensuring stable balance amplitude and travel time. The design of the dual barrel can not only provide the larger torque required by the constant-power tourbillon, but also the moon phase display device to provide power support.
IWC Engineered Tourbillon 18K Red Gold

Model: IW590002, limited to 50 pieces worldwide
Movement: IWC 94800 manual winding mechanical movement, Glucydur® * beryllium alloy balance wheel, balance arm with high-precision fine-tuning cam, 18,000 vibrations / hour (2.5 Hz), 43 gems, 96 hours power reserve
Function: Power reserve display, dual moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres, countdown to the number of days after the next profitable moon
Case: 18K red gold and ceramic, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, screw-in crown, diameter 46 mm, thickness 14 mm, water resistance 120 meters
Dial: Black
Strap: Black alligator strap with 18K pin buckle