Oris Launches New Divers Diving Watch

Oris Divers diving correction watch with a diameter of 49mm, a case thickness of 15.25mm and a volume of 565.2mm3. The special orange fluorescent pointer is clearly visible even in the dark underwater world. The minute, hour, and small seconds hands placed in different positions can be clearly identified at a glance. The lightweight titanium alloy case with black water ripple structure dial, screw-in crown, and helium exhaust valve for diving watches.

New ORIS Divers Dive Correction Meter
Case diameter: 49.00mm
Model: 649 7610 71 64 RS / MB
    Equipped with a mechanical automatic movement with a thickness of only 0.035mm, the minutes are displayed in the center, the hour hand is at 4 o’clock, the small second hand is at 10 o’clock, the date window is displayed at 6 o’clock, and the titanium alloy case with aluminum diving ring , Stainless steel rotating crown, helium exhaust valve. The inner sapphire glass with anti-refraction treatment is waterproof to 1000 meters. It is equipped with an extensible rubber strap and a titanium alloy buckle printed with the ORIS logo. Can also be used with multi-piece titanium alloy smelting belt.
ORIS brand history review
In the early twentieth century, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian established the Oris watch factory in Hölstein, Switzerland.
After 1925, Oris opened his own unique plating factory, specializing in producing affordable but high-quality watches. Oris began to install simple chain buckles on pocket watches, thus developing the watch everyone wears today.
Production of legendary analogue calendars sets new milestones in Oris history. Since then, the pointer calendar has been one of the Oris series.
4 years won the quality certificate issued by the Swiss Ministry of Precious Metals, which proves that the gold plating on the Oris case is of good quality, and soon Oris’ high-quality plating technology or the world’s favor.
Oris’ cal. 652 caliber was awarded the Observatory Certificate from the Neuchatel Observatory, representing one of the finest and most accurate timepieces.
Oris launches the first affordable automatic watch with complication. In addition to displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, you can also see the moon phase profit and loss, the date, the day of the week and the time in the second time zone on the watch. Therefore, as soon as it goes public, it sells worldwide.
This is a new milestone in Oris’ marketing strategy, as Oris is participating in a major sponsorship event for the first time: the Oris London Jazz Festival. At the same time, Oris opened a long and inseparable relationship with jazz.
Oris signs an exclusive watch partner contract with Formula One BMW Williams. And launched the 2003 success-limited edition WilliamsF1 Team Chronograph. ‘Artelier artist series models, unique case design with a completely different movement.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Oris launched a limited edition of the 1904 commemorative watch, including an art plus world time zone stainless steel strap. Schumacher became the new spokesperson for Oris on the BMW Williams F1 Team and launched a Schumacher limited chronograph.
Oris extended the contract with WilliamsF1 Team and introduced two new limited edition watches, Oris WilliamsF1 Team left crown limited edition and Oris Mark Weber limited chronograph.
Oris designed a great artist Frank Sinatra series watch. This design is inspired by the classic series. The design of the radial structure dial and the unique collection of Broadway-style numbers evoke the spirit of the 60 years.