Omega’s New Seahorse Watch

The new Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra watch series combines dazzling design with 21st century innovative watchmaking technology. In 1999, the advent of the Omega coaxial escapement device opened a new era in the manufacturing process of modern watches. Today, the new seahorse Aqua Terra continues this major revolution in mechanical watchmaking.
The entire collection has a very eye-catching design element, namely the ‘Teak Concept’ dial. The vertical texture distributed above the dial is reminiscent of the wooden deck on a luxury yacht.

New Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Women’s Watch-Red Gold and Diamonds

Like other Aqua Terra watches, the new collection is also closely related to the marine theme, with a breath of the ocean. Whether on the deck of a yacht or on a vast expanse of land, wearing the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra watch feels comfortable. It can be seen that the name of this watch series ‘Aqua Terra’ (meaning water and land) deserves its name.