October Of Blancpain, Tribute Love

In preparation for Valentine’s Day 2018, Blancpain specially launched a sweet and warm ladies watch, once again expressing its true feelings for women.

   The dial background design of this new watch pays tribute to Valentine’s Day full of tenderness and romance. On the white sky of mother-of-pearl, 19 gorgeous flash diamonds and 4 rubies are brilliantly cut with a star-shaped logo. This gem setting process requires a metal base to insert the gem into the surface of the disc. The delicate and unique sapphire moon phase disk is tilted to the 6 o’clock position, which is the first of its kind in all Blancpain watch collections. The moon phase disk is trimmed with thin strokes, and the opening and closing are slightly rounded. This typical female ‘Moon Beauty’ smiley is a comedic parody of the traditional moon phase of Blancpain-there is a moving beauty mole on the corner of the mouth of Moon Phase. Flies, then called mouche, were fly-shaped spots. At that time, women in the court would draw a beauty mole on the face in response to the admirer, and the meaning changed with different positions.
   As a complication in the craftsmanship of haute horlogerie, the moon phase was almost lost. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that Blancpain reintroduced it to the stage of timepiece production. Since then, the beautiful Moon Face has become a Blancpain brand logo. The shape of the monthly cycle on the dial of this new watch reflects the deep roots between the timepiece industry and astronomy. The moon phase on the dial is synchronized with the profit and loss of the moon phase in the real sky. Its mechanical device consists of a 59-tooth gear, which is equivalent to two complete 29- and a half-day moon phase cycles. This explains why the gear drives a week and the moon phase appears twice on the dial. The minute and hour hands resemble sage leaves, and the second hand is shaped like Cupid’s arrow.

   The stainless steel case has a diameter of 29.2 mm, the bezel is set with 48 diamonds, the two lugs are set with a total of 20 diamonds, and the crown is decorated with a brilliant rose-shaped diamond.
High-precision technology
   The new Valentine’s Day watch is equipped with an internal 913L automatic movement. This movement is equipped with a balance wheel equipped with gold fine-tuning screws, and an antimagnetic silicon hairspring. This material was recently introduced into the watchmaking industry, bringing several important advantages that are beyond doubt. First, because of its low density and lighter weight, silicon has a stronger seismic advantage. Secondly, its advantages against magnetic field intrusion cannot be underestimated. The hairspring made from this is not only perfect in shape, but also effectively synchronizes with the movement’s isochronous function, which further improves the accuracy of timing.

   The sapphire glass back of the watch also hides a mysterious design that only the wearer can appreciate: the rhodium-plated gold oscillating weight is inlaid with a heart-shaped pattern penetrated by a ray of sunlight and an arrow of love .
   The new Villeret Classic 2018 Valentine’s Day watch with red alligator leather strap is limited to 99 pieces, each engraved with a unique limited number.