Movado Announces New Collaboration With Well-known Industrial Designer Yves Béhar

Movado launched the new Movado Edge watch series, which was designed by the brand in cooperation with world-renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar and his design company fuseproject. Combining the inspiration of two top talented industrial designers for 70 years-Nathan George Howett and Yves Béhar-Movado brings a new chapter in innovation and craftsmanship to the legendary museum dial .

Group photo of Yves Behar

Movado Edge Series

   ‘I met Yves at the 2013 Aspen Ideas Conference, and because of our love for design, we quickly established a deep connection,’ said Efraim Grinberg, President and CEO of Movado Group. ” Combining Mr. Howett’s original museum dial with Yves Béhar’s design philosophy is very attractive to Movado. We are very proud of the result of this collaboration. The Movado Edge series will make Movado iconic The design has been completely reinterpreted.It is so unique and full of Movado design aesthetics that we don’t need to add an additional logo on the dial. ‘
   Movado’s legendary museum dial was designed by artist / designer Nathan George Howett in 1947, and the iconic dial with its distinctive style has no numbers. At 12 o’clock on the dial, the golden dots symbolizing the noon sun and hands suggesting the movement of the earth. This groundbreaking concept dial is known as one of the well-known designs in the history of horology and even in the history of twentieth century design. Howett’s original design was collected by the New York Museum of Contemporary Art in 1960.
   ‘As a designer, designing products for Movado is both exciting and scary. This brand is known as a pioneer of modernism while being very close to the people,’ said Yves Béhar, founder and chief designer of fuseproject. ‘This is An opportunity for us to create some rare works in the history of watch design. The core design concept of Movado Edge is new materials, textures and three-dimensional structures. The concave texture on the dial can capture the beauty of light and shadow and attract people’s attention. ‘When the wearer’s wrist moves, the vision of the dial also changes, symbolizing the idea that time is the mark of our lives.’
   Movado Edge updates the brand’s modernist aesthetics with a deeper industrial design perspective, giving the brand a new personality with new visual tentacles. To pay tribute to Movado’s heritage of Bauhaus-inspired design, this series of minimalist and geometric aesthetics shows the fusion of art and design. The dial reinterprets Howett’s original design in three dimensions, with iconic dots emerging on the dial’s brand new curved plane. The carved texture on the dial’s edge symbolizes sunlight and serves as a minute scale. This design element embodies beauty and practicality. Combining inspiration, function and design, this new collection includes men’s and women’s styles and chronographs, as well as steel, belt and rubber straps.
   As a brand with deep roots in modernist art and expression art, Movado has always contained outstanding design aesthetics and innovative ideas in its precious and long history of 135 years. Not only that, Movado is a major patron of the New York City Ballet, the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, the Lincoln Center Jazz Band, and the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. At the same time, Movado successfully sponsored the Miami International Film Festival, the Miami Urban Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet, the Pacifica Ballet, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.