Montblanc Star Automatic World Time Gmt Watch

Calibre MB 4810/405 self-winding movement, the center of the dial has a second time zone time display circle, the outer edge of the dial is 24 city circles around the world time, can be set through the patent crown design All features, watch diameter 42 mm, stainless steel case, black machine-engraved dial, silver numerals, rhodium-plated leaf and rod hands, black alligator strap with stainless steel triple discount

    Montblanc’s writing of time is not limited to cooperation with historic watch workshops such as Minerva Watch Factory: Montblanc Reno watch factory located in a mountain town in Switzerland was founded in 1997. Become a gathering of many of the world’s top watch giants, and develop a solid market presence in the field of top watch. It is precisely because of this watchmaker’s mainstay that Montblanc, a century-old luxury brand, has gained a foothold in the increasingly competitive watchmaking industry. The watch produced by the factory also continues Montblanc’s own style: the body design of the first generation watch adopted the mysterious black and dazzling noble gold as the main highlights, supplemented by the classic white hexagon star trademark. Reminiscent of the famous Montblanc Meisterstück gold pen. But the most impressive series of watches is still a legendary masterpiece honoured by Montblanc to the world-famous chronograph father who created the ‘writing time tool’: Nicholas Kay World Chronograph.

    It is exactly 190 years since the invention of a timer that could record the results of horse racing in 1821, and this moment is also significant for Montblanc, because Nicholas Kas is a writing instrument In connection with time, the pioneer of ‘writing time’-his invention is to use the pointer with ink to achieve the function of timing on the dial of the timer. Because of this, Montblanc even launched two precious timepieces to commemorate this extraordinary moment: it includes an extremely rare set of chronograph clocks called ‘writing time’, and an equally exquisite masterpiece: Montblanc Nicholas Case limited edition chronograph.

    In fact, Montblanc’s tribute to Nicholas Kay has been announced since 2008. The first Nicholas Kay chronograph creatively learnt from the design of the original chronograph in 1821. The design of the chronograph is very different: the chronograph function is not responsible for the central chronograph hand. The two chronograph dials (indicating the seconds and minutes) are equipped with fixed hands, which indicate the accumulated seconds and minutes. Montblanc’s dial layout combined with tradition and innovation makes it the first chronograph with standard time display and timing system that does not interfere with each other. It is easier to read and the dial design style is more unique.

    Of course, the most eye-catching feature of the new commemorative chronograph design is its unique dial design layout. The exquisite and subtle machine-embossed decoration adds a little classic beauty to the watch, and the hour and minute plate at 12 o’clock is fixed by feminine blue screws. Below the hour and minute plate is a hollow calendar plate. The V-shaped splint holds the jewel bearings of the two chronograph dials. The 60-second timer on the left and the 30-minute timer on the right. The watch’s MBR110 manual winding movement, consisting of 263 parts, also seems to have become a recorder of the development of time art-almost all important elements of chronograph technology are condensed in one: such as the classic cam group And modern vertical clutch plates. The classic heritage and cooperation also make this watch have extremely stable travel time accuracy.