Master The World Between Inches: Montblanc Star World Time Watch

Business people often travel around the world. A watch that can display the time in at least two time zones is the most suitable. Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watch can display the time in two time zones at the same time, which can display the time in 24 time zones around the world. It is the most convenient for business people and bankers. It can grasp the trading time of the world’s major stock exchanges at any time. .

Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watch is easy to operate at first sight: the engineers at Montblanc Reno have made great breakthroughs in functional research and development. The crown can be operated together through the improved design and enhanced safety performance. Various functions: The crown is in the original position (without loosening). Clockwise rotation can wind the movement, and counterclockwise rotation can adjust the ring of city names around the world. Pull the crown out to the middle position. Rotate clockwise to set the calendar. Rotate counterclockwise to adjust the red-tip GMT hand forward in units of 1 hour; pull the crown a further step, and turn clockwise to adjust the hour hand as usual. And minute hand.
The hour hand is always connected to the movement, showing the local time of the main body of the watch; the smaller red-tip GMT hand with the two-color 24-hour ring indicates the time in the second time zone (with day and night display); when the local time and the GMT second time zone When the time is set correctly, the time zone in all time zones is indicated with the outermost global time zone ring.
全新 This new setting system is equipped with special tooth technology, which can drive the outer ring of the dial and the corresponding movement. This technology is waiting for patent technology review. This new technology not only uses a single crown to independently control all functions, but also separates the movement, time zone gear system and world time display system when adjusting the time zone time, so that the movement still maintains accurate operation.
42mm stainless steel case is not only sturdy and durable, it is not afraid of the harsh environment during the journey, but also contains the micro-mechanical engineering technology.
Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watches are available in two stainless steel models. One is a black machine-engraved dial with a black alligator leather strap; the other is a silver machine-engraved dial with a steel bracelet. These two straps All with stainless steel triple discount, easy to switch on and off.