Looking At The Vastness Of Blancpain’s ‘heart In The Ocean’ Tour Theme Exhibition And ‘mobile Ocean Library’ Sailing Press Conference

(Beijing, July 13, 2015) ‘Awakening the awareness of the ocean, transmitting the passion of life, and protecting the blue ocean’ is the founder of classic timepieces and Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand. The love is derived from the vastness and depth of the ocean, and the ocean gives it inspiration and perseverance. Today, Blancpain promotes a number of marine public welfare undertakings in the name of ‘Heart is in the ocean’, calling on the public to pay attention to, understand, love and protect the ocean.
Blancpain Touring Theme Exhibition

   On the same day, Blancpain held a press conference in Beijing to see the vastness of Blancpain Blancpain’s “The Heart of the Ocean” Touring Theme Exhibition, announcing the “The Heart of the Ocean” theme exhibition that debuted at the Basel Haute Horlogerie show earlier this year The first stop landed in Beijing. This theme exhibition enriches and presents the results and latest developments of projects including primitive ocean expedition plans, coelacanth expedition research projects, and the World Ocean Summit. The press conference also announced the official launch of the Mobile Ocean Library. As a domestic pilot project for marine awareness promotion, the brand announced the establishment of the nation’s first marine public welfare library at the Huafeng Elementary School in Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province with the National Oceanic Administration Mission Center. This specially launched ‘Mobile Ocean Library’ project invites the participating media to do their own work. All donated books will be widely displayed along with the theme of ‘Meaning the Ocean’ to spread the beauty of the ocean.
Blancpain’s ‘Heart Connects the Ocean’ Tour Theme Opening Ceremony & ‘Mobile Ocean Library’ Launch Press Conference

   Since then, Blancpain will actively participate in the active exploration and practice of the marine awareness promotion model, and look forward to building more public education facilities and pathways to effectively disseminate marine awareness in the next few years. The conference was hosted by Mr. Liang Wendao, Brand Culture Ambassador, Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s Global Vice President and Marketing Director, Blancpain’s Global Vice President and Sales Director, Marc Junod, Blancpain’s Vice President of China, Liao Yu, and National Oceanic Administration Missionary The director of the center Gai Guangsheng and the general manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd. Jiang Lingfeng attended the meeting.
Opening Speech by Mr. Liang Wendao, Blancpain Ambassador of Brand Culture

   ‘噚’ is an English unit for measuring the depth of water (1 噚 = 1.8288 meters), and has also appeared in the song of Ariel in Shakespeare’s ‘The Storm’ coral.’). In the early 1950s, Blancpain’s then president, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, named the first modern diving watch in history as ‘Fifty Fifty Fathoms’. It is one of Blancpain’s most important keywords. It is also a term that means ‘creation and classics’, and is permanently included in the World Watch Dictionary. As another interpretation of Fathom-‘understand the true meaning of things’, Blancpain not only never stopped the excellence of mechanical diving watch production, at the same time embracing the original heart and the ocean, through continuous, rich, comprehensive Public welfare initiatives to lead the public to explore and understand the vastness of human existence.
Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director

   Blancain Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz said that in marine public welfare, Blancpain has always focused on long-term projects, not short-term, temporary behavior. Whether it is the ‘Mind the Ocean’ exhibition and the accompanying Ocean Books that have toured China this year, or the nation’s first marine public welfare library completed at the end of the year, we hope to find a way to connect with the public, especially young people who represent the future of the country A way of communication to convey the beauty of the ocean. Marine consciousness doesn’t wake up in one day. It needs to start from now. This is an important step for the brand from the professional field to the public.

Gai Guangsheng, Director of the Mission Center of the State Oceanic Administration, delivered a speech

   The press conference was hosted by Mr. Liang Wendao, Blancpain’s brand culture ambassador. He talked about the mysterious beauty of the ocean, which is closely related to the survival of human beings. Combined with the damage of marine ecology in recent years, he strongly evoked the sense of mission and urgency of the audience. Subsequently, Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director, introduced in detail the brand’s ‘heart-to-ocean’ public welfare undertakings, including the original marine expedition plan, coelacanth expedition research project, the World Ocean Summit and other projects. The brand’s own practice is used as a call to strengthen the faith of the audience. Gai Guangsheng, Director of the Mission Center of the State Oceanic Administration, then announced that under the framework agreement signed by Blancpain and the State Oceanic Administration, the two will jointly build the nation’s first marine public welfare library in Huafeng Primary School, Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, dedicated to the ocean. Awareness education. Ms. You Hongzhen, the principal of Huafeng Elementary School, also expressed her gratitude to Blancpain, the National Oceanic Administration, the on-site media and the community for donations. She expressed that the students are full of expectations for the Ocean Library and that the school will be active after the library is completed. Related extracurricular activities plan to enrich the spiritual world of young people with the ocean, the place of life’s well-being.
Liang Wendao’s dialogue guests, brand executives read the front page message in turn

   The library preserves human wisdom and cultural heritage, and books are one of the storage units. Regarding the importance of reading for the awakening of the marine consciousness, Mr. Liang Wendao talked with the guests about the aesthetic experience of understanding the ocean through reading in the following marine theme book sharing session-the public can only understand the human memory, courage and hope contained in the ocean Only by recognizing the close connection between human beings and the ocean can we better invest in marine public welfare.
Guest, book donation, group photo

   Later, Mr. Liang Wendao initiated a donation proposal for marine books to the guests, inviting Marc Junod, the global senior vice president and sales director of the brand, Alain Delamuraz, global vice president and marketing director, and Liao Yu, vice president of Blancpain China. The director of the center Gai Guangsheng and the general manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd. Jiang Lingfeng invited the audience to write a message for the children. At the end of the press conference, Mr. Liang Wendao thanked everyone for their commitment to knowing and doing, and announced the opening of the brand’s ‘Mind the Ocean’ tour theme. The guests walked through the exhibition area to learn about the new progress of each project, appreciate the beauty of the ocean, and experience the classic charm of the Fifty Fathoms series.
Moving around the exhibition area, brand executives leave promises on the initiative

   Knowing and doing trickle, seeing the vastness. Blancpain will continue to cultivate the blue, continue to invest in various public welfare fields such as marine exploration, protection, dialogue and education, and fulfill the lofty commitment of ‘mind the ocean’ with practical actions, gather everyone’s strength, and jointly guard the future of humankind. The vastness of beauty, faith and hope rises on the blue.