Kunlun Innovative Titanium Bridge Tourbillon Watch

The new titanium bridge tourbillon watch launched in 2011 will be decorated with 689 diamonds totaling 8.64ct. The light emitted by beautiful diamonds will shine on the long hanging on the crisscross bracket Shaped movement, creating a singular effect like the red gold wine barrel-shaped case floating in the air. The flying tourbillon without an upper bridge also makes the tourbillon fly on the movement.
With a pitiful modern look, the titanium bridge watch equipped with the Kunlun long movement was first launched in 2009, making a sensation. Then the 2010 version also reached another peak in Kunlun’s watchmaking achievements due to its flying tourbillon and titanium case. Now in 2011, the new titanium bridge tourbillon watch is about to debut on the stage of HauteHorlogerie and Haute Joaillerie. Decorated with no less than 689 carefully cut cases weighing 8.64ct diamonds, 18K red gold surface and ring, creating a visual effect like a flashing river, exposing the superb watchmaking process.

Materials from the future
The CO 022 long movement of the titanium bridge tourbillon watch is the brainchild of the brand’s team to design, develop and produce it. Without the upper bridge, the flying tourbillon suspended above the movement, the vibration frequency of its escapement can reach 21,600 times per hour. This manually wound mechanical movement provides a 72-hour power reserve.
The CO 022 movement is embedded in the mainboard and bridge made of ARCAP. The inner layer of the outer ring is coated with a golden coating, which is definitely a perfect example of aesthetics and function. This high-tech alloy mixed with copper and nickel has anti-magnetic, Corrosion resistance and allow more complex processing. This high-tech material is also compatible with various traditional decoration processes, such as satin finishing and chamfering, and it forms a detailed and beautiful contrast with the dual spring winder treated with sun polish.
Spectacular visual effects
All movement structures are inlaid on Kunlun’s original long titanium bridge board: the crisscross brackets tightly fix the movement in the center of the case. Its golden-processed ARCAP bridge board creates a visual effect without weight.
The watch has a barrel-shaped case of 42.5 x 52.3 mm and is water-resistant to 30 meters. This magnificent case, cast in red gold and set with diamonds, has been carefully considered in size and shape proportions to show the operation of the built-in movement and tourbillon components in the perfect effect, whether on the front or the back. Visible. This titanium bridge tourbillon watch is limited to 25 pieces and is available in two non-style straps: hand-stitched crocodile strap and crocodile strap, both with 18K red gold folding buckles.