Joseph Bolt Happy Birthday! Hublot Wishes The Global Brand Ambassador Usain Bolt The Success Of The 2015 Beijing Iaaf World Championships

Usain Bolt, the global brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT and Hublot, arrives in Beijing in preparation for 2015 Beijing, which will be held at the Bird’s Nest on August 22 IAAF World Championship.

 This World Championship is another important international sports event that Beijing has ushered in since the 2008 Olympic Games. Beijing has a very significant meaning for Bolt. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he created three world records with a blockbuster and surpassed At the same time of his best performance, he also broke through the human limitation on speed and time, and started his journey in the track and field world.

 August 21st is the ‘Lightning’ Bolt’s birthday, Hublot specially prepared a birthday gift for him-a birthday cake with Bolt’s personal logo and Big Bang’s 10th anniversary-to celebrate his 29th Birthday and Hublot’s 10th anniversary. In the meantime, Bolt also carefully selected the latest Hublot watches, hoping to add new members to his ‘Hublot collection’.

 Hublot Global Brand Ambassador Usain Bolt said: ‘As a sprinter in competitive sports, time is of paramount importance to us. Hublot is the world’s top watch brand. This unique brand spirit coincides with my own philosophy. I am also very happy to return to Beijing and, under the witness of Hublot, hope to break through myself again.

 Hublot officially announced that Usain Bolt became the global brand ambassador on May 20, 2010, and launched the limited edition of the Supreme King Usain Bolt. As the top Swiss watchmaking brand, Hublot has always been committed to measuring time to the precision of every minute and second, and this 1.96-meter track and field player has repeatedly broken the world record and even broke the limit of human speed He is the best proof of ‘being first, unique and different.’

 Hublot once again wishes Bolt a happy birthday, and also wishes him to surpass himself again in the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships and future competitions, create miracles and continue to write brilliant!