Iwc Portuguese Series Automatic Chrono Diamond Pair Watch

IWC Portuguese Series Automatic Chrono Diamond Pair
The diamond watch is not a woman’s exclusive pet, and the female watch does not have to be small. Both watches have a 41 mm case diameter, and are set with diamonds on the inner ring, the side of the case, even under the lugs and crown. The same size, the same model, and even the same price, but the color of the strap is different. Love allows us to learn to be equal and share, but also to share each other’s watches.
Women’s and women’s watches are 215,000 yuan
‘Diamonds last forever, one will last forever’, this sentence can most impress the lover in love. Usually in couples’ watches, the one that belongs to the man is always low-key and simple, and pays attention to the inner technology and function, while the one that belongs to the woman is devoted to appearance and decoration. Gorgeous diamonds on women’s watches are in their favor, making women’s watches more valuable than men’s watches, secretly elevating women’s status, satisfying women’s little vanity, and letting her on special days Feeling respected, this is a feeling that no woman can refuse. What’s more, they always expect that love will last forever, as eternal as diamonds.