Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition Released Only 100

It is not necessarily simple to be clever, but it must be easy to operate, and the complex elements contained in it must not be sacrificed for simplicity. This is exactly the essence of the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition. The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch series from IWC has been an internationally renowned watch since its introduction in 2003. Now a special edition of rose gold lining with an elegant blue dial is launched. Limited production, only one hundred distinguished guests can have.
 From a watchmaking point of view, the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition is a small watch of extremely complex construction and originated from Schaffhausen, but this statement does not say that it is technically precise. The first Portuguese perpetual calendar watch emerged in the horological world in 2003. Its perpetual calendar function has been marking the most advanced technology for the past 25 years. The moon phase profit and loss display almost exactly reflects the state of the moon: far beyond our lifetime After 577 years, the 12-second error of each moon’s eclipse period only adds up to one day of adjustment. The full moon and full moon are like a repertoire in the sky, performed on a small stage under the ’12’ scale, and the 12-second error is slightly hard to detect. Nevertheless, we still hope that future owners of the watch will continue to appreciate our superb craftsmanship.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Global Limited Release of 100
 The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition has the 51613 extra-large movement produced by IWC. Its Pellaton winding device is enough to make the watch have a seven-day power reserve, combined with various sophisticated displays with excellent annual calendar functions: date, day, week, The four-digit year, moon phase profit and loss, etc., the future owner of the watch does not need to adjust until 2100 years ago. Even after this slight correction, its functions and display can continue to operate, almost forever-until the end of 2499, relying on the replacement of the century display, creating the unique function of this timeless masterpiece. Even if the watch owner does not wear the watch for a few days to stop the movement, he can quickly correct the mechanically driven almanac using only the crown.