Introduction To Tissot 1957 Automatic Mechanical Watch

I will not talk to you about the history of Tissot. Most Chinese understand it. This brand is very dynamic, and the endless stream of creative ideas, coupled with the affordable price, has become the first choice for many entry-level watch enthusiasts. In the history of watchmaking beyond a century and a half, some of Tissot’s early watch models have been recorded in history. But it is gratifying that there are still some classic styles that have evolved into new products. For example, the ‘Bana’ that everyone knows well, has been engraved into a new CLASSIC PRINCE watch with a vision of the Renaissance Taste quickly captured the hearts of many consumers.
Today, Tissot has brought us the Tissot Vista 1957 Automatic Collector’s Edition watch, which has engraved the classic styles that were very popular during that period, and this design is still a topic of discussion among table friends. In fact, each watch symbolizes the brand’s footprint through every age. At that time, adding the date display function to the automatic mechanical movement was a landmark milestone in the watch industry. The new watch launched by Tissot this time reproduces the watch design concept of the year, and while retaining the original design taste at the same time, it also incorporates fashion elements, more in line with contemporary consumer tastes and trends.