Hermes Launches Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle Limited Watch

The Arceau series was born in 1978 and was created by Henrid’Origny. Today, Hermès showcases its expertise in fine wood inlay with an ArceauAstrologieNouvelle watch. This watch features a delicate white gold case with asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and a dial made of tulip wood, inspired by the Astrologie Nouvelle scarf. In 2012, CyrilleDiatkine gave AstrologieNouvelle silk scarf a new interpretation. The designer integrates it with modern style, breaking and reorganizing the original pattern to form an ‘orderly chaos’, showing the rhythm and rhythm of the flow of time.

   In order to present this astrological theme on the dial, Hermes craftsmen first miniaturized the pattern. Then, they strictly selected the type and color of the expression medium, and finally chose tulip wood. This native North American tree is also known as the ‘North American Goose Boxwood’ or Virginia Liriodendron (its type of flower and large green-yellow tulip). Its precious core changes color over time, from white to deep. Blue.

   Therefore, the wood’s hue and delicate and clear texture are close to the original design, which also perfectly meets the needs of fine wood inlaying. The artisans first cut out the many tiny elements that make up the pattern, then assemble them like a puzzle, glue them in place, and finally sand and paint. Creating a dial requires strict discipline, plenty of patience and dexterous manual work, and it takes up to three weeks, each one is unique.

   Hermes Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle watch is limited to 8 pieces, in a 41 mm white gold case with a matte black alligator leather strap. The hour and minute hands are driven by Hermès’ self-winding movement, while the case, dial and strap are also manufactured in strict accordance with the brand’s professional technical specifications. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)