“Heart Of Craftsmanship • Creating An Unusual Realm” Zenith’s Best Friends Explore The Legendary Watchmaking Tour

On March 19, 2015, Zenith Swiss Lellok Watch Factory welcomed three special guests, the talented TV producer Mr. Wang Weizhong, the famous actor Mr. Han Geng, and the watch collector Zhang Huan. Mr. Health. During the 150 years of Zenith, the three brand friends met to start a journey of exploring the legend of watchmaking and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand.
Three brand friends at the Baselworld Zenith Pavilion, taking photos with Zenith Global President Aldo Magada (second from right) and Zenith senior watch trainer Romain Mazzilli (first from left)

   From movement design, component polishing to various complex processes, three brand friends followed the watchmaking process all the way through the large watchmaking factory workshop. Everyone in the watchmaking scene couldn’t help but be impressed by the amazing patience and expertise of each watchmaking detail, and the glorious glory that Zenith couldn’t match in the watchmaking industry. During the banquet, when asked about the biggest feelings of the watch factory visit, Han Geng said with emotion: ‘As one of the largest watch factories in Switzerland, Zenith Watch Factory has its amazing technology and deep history reserved The elements moved me deeply. ‘

Brand friend Han Geng seriously appreciates the polishing of the movement components
   The next evening, three brand friends appeared in the Zenith exhibition hall in the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland. Apart from earnestly admiring the new watch, a live symposium called ‘Heart of Craftsmanship, Creating a Realm of Extraordinary Reality’ pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. Mr. Aldo Magada, Global President of Zenith, Mr. Romain Mazzilli, trainee of Zenith, and three friends from the brand started from 150 years of lineage and innovation of Zenith, and talked about their expectations and understanding of the spirit of traditional skills.

Brand friend Mr. Zhang Yisheng and Mr. Aldo Magada, Global President of Zenith Global

   As the global president of Zenith, Mr. Aldo Magada said frankly: ‘Evoking people’s heart of craftsmanship is closely related to every industry, every country, and even each of us. This is a kind of free from outside influences. Learn the spirit of cultivation. Just like in the Swiss watchmaking industry, becoming a qualified watchmaker takes at least ten years to settle. It is also because of the accumulation of time and energy that each timepiece has achieved its value. Unique craftsmanship value and charm, which cannot be replaced by any fast technology product. ‘

Brand friend Mr. Wang Weizhong and Mr. Aldo Magada, Global President of Zenith Global

   Mr. Wang Weizhong, who is known as the godfather of variety shows, is not only very creative, but also has deep attention and unique insights into the inheritance of traditional culture. When referring to ‘when summarizing Zhenli in one word’, Mr. Wang Weizhong did not hesitate to say the word ‘heritage’ and proposed that the integration of cultural heritage and innovation is the way of the times.
   This is an unforgettable journey, which perfectly represents the 150 years of Zenith’s technical heritage and bold breakthroughs. Loyal to the heritage, writing the brilliant watchmaking glory of the 150 years of Zenith; continuous innovation, expanding the brand spirit of ‘Orthodox, Fearless, and Pleasant’, let us together wish the watchmaking master of the century a happy birthday And hope it will continue to bring us more surprises.
Zenith, pioneering spirit from 1865
Founded in Switzerland in 1865, with a long history of 148 years, it is one of the four true Swiss watchmakers.
 Brand Value-Orthodox, Fearless, Pleasure
 Inventor of high frequency automatic chronograph
 So far, it has won 2,333 Swiss Observatory time measurement awards and 1,425 independent timekeeping awards, enjoying the reputation of a true watchmaking expert
EI The EI Primero chronograph movement, born in 1969, can be called the world’s most accurate and highest frequency automatic chronograph movement, 36,000 revolutions per hour, the time is accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the kinetic energy storage value exceeds 50 hours.
 297 patents, 180 classic movement types, and more than 600 movement styles have been developed from this