Glashütte Original And Jacques Rodriguez Open New Store In Tokyo

Friends who are in love with fine watchmaking art will welcome a unique new place: November 10th, 2016, the sister brands Glashütte Original of the Swatch Group and Jacques Jaquet Droz co-opens a new store in Tokyo, Tokyo’s first ‘dual brand’ boutique boutique. The pioneering work of sharing two stores by two well-known brands originated from the first shared store opened in Geneva, Switzerland three years ago, and the song of success continued in the new Tokyo store. In addition to the new store opening, the highlights of this event are the high-end watches that debuted in Japan: Senator Excellence Panorama Date and Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase.

 Two major brands share one place in Tokyo
   On November 10, representatives of various media gathered in Ginza, Tokyo’s famous ‘luxury street’, to help the new store open in Nicolas G. Hayek Center, the world’s first dedicated watch and clock building. The new store is located on the fourth floor of the building and enjoys an area of ​​60 square meters. Guests can experience the two styles of watchmaking from Glashütte and La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Germany, and witness the two brands joining together. And complement each other.

   As you walk into the boutique, you will see Jacques de Dr. on the right complimenting the guests with elegant black, gray, and silver combinations; Glashütte Original on the left with dark marsh oak, beige paint, and light leather Welcome the arrival of VIPs.

 New home for Saxony watchmaking
   Glashütte Original, a watchmaker from Saxony, Germany, presents its multi-dimensional brand features to guests from a 360-degree perspective. Numerous screens and showcases attract people’s attention, and a glass wall displays the brand’s full range of timepieces, which makes people wonder at the superb skills of brand watchmakers. The homely and modern environment allows the brand’s wide range of product types to be fully revealed. All products can be conceptually attributed to the four pillar series: the master Art & Technik series, the classic Quintessence and 20 The 20th Century Vintage collection, as well as the elegant and refined women’s collection.

   In addition to the highly sought-after “Boutique Collection” timepieces available exclusively at Glashütte Original boutiques around the world, guests will also have the opportunity to read the brand’s biography “Impressions” — This book introduces the reader to a rich and three-dimensional Glashütte Original brand world.

 Opening the ‘Era of Excellence’ in Japan
   Taking advantage of the new store opening, Glashütte Original also exhibited the latest models of its Senator Excellence series, which are now available in Japan. The newly launched Senator Excellence Panorama Date and Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase not only have the tried and tested high quality of “Excellent” watches, but also have accuracy, running time and stability. Both sexuality and aesthetics reached new heights and set new benchmarks, which perfectly fit the theme of ‘excellence’.

   Both watches are crafted in elegant red gold or stainless steel, with a case diameter of 40 mm, which showcases the two unique complications of Glashütte Original. The new model is based on the self-calibration Calibre 36 and is designed with modern lifestyle needs in mind. The Calibre 36 movement combines grand design, flawless aesthetics, and a variety of rugged innovations designed for everyday use. For example, the longest running time is more than 100 hours, with extreme accuracy and extraordinary stability. The 24-hour test is the guarantee of the above excellent quality; every Senator Excellence watch is tested by this test, and the test results will be provided to the owner of each watch.