Glashütte Enamel Painted Memorial Watch

Gresutti Dresden Frauenkirche building enamel painted memorial watch manufactured by Glashütte and Meissen Ceramic Factory. The surface uses Frauenkirche, which best represents the traditional culture of Saxony and Dresden landmarks, as the visual subject. The pattern is fired from the extremely difficult ceramic technology of Meissen, and the historical remains of this ancient baroque building can be seen through the case back
     For example, in the Dresden Frauenkirche building enamel painted commemorative watch manufactured with the theme of Frauenkirche (Grand Church) in Glashütte, the architectural community shaped by enamel shows the most representative and diverse characteristics of urban elements. The stream-shaped churches on the banks of the Elbe River that flow endlessly stand tall and towering into the clouds. For Dresden and even the entire state of Saxony, this temple built during the time of August I undoubtedly represents the highest achievement that Baroque art can achieve; however, for a traditional watch brand and even Germany as a whole, It seems to symbolize the German spirit that has stood still after the baptism of war.