F.P. Journe Pure Gold Perfect Use ‘core’

Since FP JOURNE created his own timepiece, he has dreamed of using pure gold as the main material of the watch. This dream came true in 2004 (FP JOURNE then decided to manufacture the movement with 18K rose gold) To this day, FP JOURNE is still the only watch brand that uses 18K rose gold to create its movement. Now FP JOURNE uses 18K gold to cast the dial. The gold dial is embossed to make the hour number, and the latter is polished to shine, so that the hour number and the dial are integrated into one. The heart of the watch, before understanding the structure and aesthetics of mechanical parts, first witness the ingenuity of FP JOURNE’s work through the iconic dial design.

Chronomètre Souverain’s movement is crafted in 18K rose gold

The manufacturing process of this dial is very complicated. First, prepare the dial, finely polish it, coat it with a unique silver surface, polish the hour number with a diamond polishing tool, and finally print the remaining time scales. And FP JOURNE logo. However, even at the last step, the craftsmen can’t relax, because they must print five layers of time scales and the F.P. JOURNE logo continuously in order to achieve a perfect, slightly raised, three-dimensional visual effect.

Octa Automatique Lune uses pure gold as the main material of the watch. The three-dimensional visual effect is amazing.

New gold dials have been applied to Chronomètre Souverain, Octa Automatique Réserve and Octa Automatique Lune. These watches are adorned with F.P. JOURNE drop-shaped hands, and the new products are now available in ten F.P. JOURNE stores worldwide.