Explore In The Snow With Your Fingertips The Smartest Swiss Watch Tissot T-touch Series Touchscreen Watch

In this clear and snowy winter, skiing will definitely be the first choice for winter sports for people who love extreme sports and are full of fun in life; the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot takes “the smartest Swiss watch” — Tissot’s T-touch series touchscreen watch is a professional watch indispensable for winter skiing for many taste-loving and extreme sports loyal people. Excellent Swiss-made quality, escorting the precision of timekeeping. At the same time, Tissot watches have powerful high-tech functions such as weather forecast, thermometer, compass, dual time zone and so on. Whether you are a visitor to the glacier, challenge the peak of the Jedi, or a dancer dancing on the snow, the Tissot Tengzhi series touch-screen watch will surely become a taster of this winter, an indispensable new winter ski. Fashion.
Adventures at Your Fingertips — Extreme Tissot Pro Series
Figure 1: Skiing weapon — Tissot Tengzhi Professional Edition

The only Korean explorer in the world who successfully climbed 14 peaks over 8000 meters in the Himalayas, completed seven summits on seven continents, and reached the north and south poles, Park In-suk, praised T-TOUCH after completing this series of legendary trips He kept saying, ‘Tissot T-TOUCH gives me too much useful information. Whenever I need to collect data to decide whether the next step is to go forward or wait and see, I always touch the T-TOUCH’s watch.’

Figure 2: Tissot Professional Series Titanium
Tissot has always paid tribute to every adventurer who loves adventure and sports with the courage to explore and challenge. The professional version of the Tengzhi series born in 2009 is the best proof. In order to allow outdoor explorers to experience the falling and flying pleasure that Hemingway praised in ‘Cross Country Skiing’, Tissot specially launched the Tengzhi Professional Edition watch, which increases the case diameter and adopts technology and stylish design concepts. Make it look classic and wearable in and out of every occasion. The case is made of titanium, which is lighter and more allergic than ordinary 316L stainless steel, making it more comfortable to wear. In addition to the original functions of the T-TOUCH series-weather forecast, altimeter, countdown timer, compass, alarm and thermometer, the site pressure and sea level pressure measurement, climbing speed, countdown timer, fixed target tracking, automatic demagnetization, Dual alarm function, meanwhile, it is equipped with second time zone time display, background light and perpetual calendar. All data is measured with the touch of a fingertip, easy to use, and is the ideal partner for professional climbers and extreme skiers.

Figure 3: Huang Xiaoming wears Tengzhi Series Professional Edition Watch
Ballet on Snow Touches Beauty — Tissot Tengzhi Elite Edition Women’s Watch
Figure 4: Tissot Tengzhi Elite Edition Ladies Watch White Patent Leather Strap

的 A beautiful lady who loves skiing will not miss such a professional watch with beautiful makeup on her wrist. Touching time, exploring the world, the Tissot Tengzhi Elite Lady’s Watch brings you more than just a timing tool. In more cases, it represents a “moving mind in the next second”. . The frosty mother-of-pearl dial resembles a cloud, adorned with the brilliant diamond particles of a large bead and a jade plate, it is a time bag under the starry sky; the bold titanium case and rotating bezel bring the boldness and impulse 13 powerful features, it is a magic weapon for cosmic adventure. With this ‘smartest Swiss watch in the world’, Tissot is dedicated to urban beauties who love skiing. It seems that holy Angel is dancing on the snow—all things are beautiful, you are in the center.

Figure 5: Tissot Tengzhi Elite Edition Women’s Watch with White Patent Leather Strap
Tissot Professional Series
Barometer and weather forecast
According to the pressure trend recorded by the special device in the watch, the weather trend (thunderstorm, unchanged or sunny) in the next few hours is displayed through the indicated position of the hand. According to the needs, you can understand the local absolute pressure and Relative pressure.
Displays the local altitude. There are two options: imperial or metric.
Altitude difference gauge
The operation of this function is similar to the stopwatch function. It calculates the height difference (English or metric) from a certain starting point, and calculates the average speed of rising or falling (in feet / minutes or meters / minutes). This feature is especially useful to help climbers understand the vertical distance of their destination and the estimated time of arrival.
There are two functions of cumulative time counting and simultaneous time counting, which can be accurate to 1/100 second. The step-by-step cumulative timing is used by a ‘sport-rest-exercise-rest’ person to record their actual exercise time. At the same time, the segmented timing is used to record the time required for each phase of a person under continuous movement.
Countdown timer
You can count down by setting the hours, minutes, and seconds.
Indicate the direction. The indication direction can be adjusted according to the magnetic declination parameters of the eastern and western hemispheres to display the geographic north pole.
Direction proofreader
By setting the azimuth of the destination, the Tengzhi series can indicate the direction of travel.
Double alarm
Two groups of 24-hour alarms are easy to use. After setting, it is convenient to remind the departure and return time when outdoor activities.
Thermometer (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
The LCD screen can display the outside temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. If the watch is worn on the hand, the body surface temperature will be transmitted to the watch and affect the measured value. Therefore, before measuring the ambient temperature, take off the watch and leave it for 15-30 minutes to synchronize the watch temperature with the environment. Function to get accurate readings.

In addition, there are perpetual calendar and dual time zone display than the series watches. All time displays can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour format. The watch’s backlighting function helps to read the data in any situation.
Tissot Elite Women’s Watch
The pointer shows future weather changes, and the dual barometric pressure display makes the weather forecast more accurate. Let the years move as you want, predict the travel weather, and change is in your hands. Helps you excel in outdoor sports.
Control the height of the area at any time, the digital display of the LCD screen is more accurate and the data is more accurate and easy to read. It is a professional tool for you to cross the mountains and conquer nature, adding unlimited passion and challenges to your travel.
Multi-function timer
Segmented and accumulated timing, accurate to 1/100 second, easy timing control. Precise timing, digital display, more professional. Time will continue to flow through the changes in the numbers, creating moments of excitement.
The correction of the magnetic declination angle can more accurately indicate the north-south direction. No matter where you are, you can find your way forward. It is a faithful navigation for explorers.
Double alarm
Two groups of 24-hour alarms are easy to use. Double alarm doesn’t need to worry about snooze, it can provide two wake-ups for busy city people, so you can enjoy a worry-free life at ease.
Thermometer (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
The LCD screen can display the outside temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. If the watch is worn on the hand, the body surface temperature will be transmitted to the watch and affect the measured value. Therefore, before measuring the ambient temperature, take off the watch and leave it for 15-30 minutes to synchronize the watch temperature with the environment before using this function To get an accurate reading. With a watch in hand, you can know the ambient temperature and control the mediation for your exclusive enjoyment.
Two places:
Offsite time switch directly. Quick display. Traveling through time and space, apart from other places and family members, the distance is not in the gap.
In addition, there are perpetual calendar and 100M waterproof design than the series watches, and the watch’s backlight function helps to read data under any circumstances.
Technical Parameters:
Tissot Pro
-Water resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-Touch-resistant scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal
-Carbon fiber dial
-Titanium case with rotating bezel
-Titanium / Black Natural Rubber / Brown Leather Strap
Suggested Retail Price: RMB 6,850 – RMB 8,300
Tissot Elite Women’s Watch
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
-Touchscreen scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-Antimagnetic polished titanium case with rotating bezel
-Water resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-Mother-of-pearl dial, bar scale or top Wesselton diamond scale
-Polished titanium strap with push-button clasp; silicone strap with push-button clasp; or leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
Suggested retail price: RMB 9,850