Eterna Fuzhou Dongbaidong Street Store Grand Opening

The prestigious century-old Swiss watch brand Eterna was grandly opened in Fuzhou Dongbaidong Street Store on November 18. International superstar Ms. Zhang Jingchu visited the event site and started the ultimate journey of Eternity together.

 The prestigious century-old Swiss watch brand Eterna was grandly opened in Fuzhou Dongbaidong Street Store on November 18. The theme of this opening event is ‘taste, love, and cherish’. It pays tribute to the deep and exquisite traditional watchmaking culture. It also makes people feel the artistic craftsmanship of the Eterna brand for more than 100 years, and interpret the brand’s noble luxury. For its grand event, Eternity specially invited Ms. Zhang Jingchu, an international superstar, to come to the event site to jointly start the ultimate journey of Eternity.

 In his speech, Mr. Han Long, Chairman and Executive Director of China Haidian Group Co., Ltd. said, ‘Eterna is very proud of being part of China Haidian Group! The brand’s eternal commitment to superb craftsmanship is making its watches steadily The center of the world’s watch stage; and its clever craftsmanship and generations of watchmakers’ professionalism make classic watches loved by watch lovers. Today, we are very glad that the brand has further expanded through the efforts of Haidian Group In Greater China, we opened our store in Dongbai East Street, Fuzhou. In the future, we will continue to lead Eterna into more places and let more people know and own Eterna products. ‘

 On the day of the event, the conference even more carefully arranged six professional models to perform a variety of watch series, showing the brand’s heritage and classic craftsmanship. Through clever collocation and product introduction, it led a group of guests into the Eterna watch world, international superstar Ms. Zhang Jingchu also showed off her appearance with a noble and elegant dress. She joined the chairman and executive director of China Haidian Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Korea Long, Mr. Patrick Kury, CEO of Eterna Group, Mr. David Vallata, vice chairman of Eterna AG, and CEO of Eterna Asia. And Mr. Zou Ziping, the executive president of Fujian Dongbai Group, performed a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the Eternity Fuzhou Dongbai East Street Store.

 During the banquet, Zhang Jingchu also displayed the Countess Eterna Contessa women’s watch collection. She said: ‘It is an honor to be present at the opening ceremony today. I really appreciate Eterna, a Swiss watch brand with more than 150 years of history. The persistence of the development of the movement and the requirement to maintain high-quality production can become the pioneer of watchmaking technology. He has created many world-first inventions and holds a number of patents. It is really worth learning for everyone. ‘She continued:’ I especially like it The Countess women’s watch worn today has a classic and simple design without losing grace and luxury. The all-white watch is full of fashion and beauty. In addition, the men’s watch particularly appreciates the retro and simple appearance of the Vaughan series and the curved dial. Liuli lines combined with the world’s thinnest curved large calendar own movement, revealing the brand’s ultimate watchmaking achievements. ‘