Dior’s New Granville High-quality Jewelry And Watches Awaken Childhood Memories

Granville (Granville), a small coastal town in Normandy, France, is where Mr. Christian Dior spent his childhood. In childhood, for the young Christian Dior, it was the joy of traveling through the colorful garden.
   Granville (Granville), therefore became the micro-adult world in the eyes of young Mr. Dior at that time.
    Today, it is Granville and Mr. Dior’s childhood time here that has become the new fine jewelry of Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior’s Fine Jewelry Department-Granville (Granville) The source of inspiration for the series.

Dior High Jewellery Granville Tanzanite Ring

   Granville (Granville) series consists of 12 unique works, interpreting the childishness and creativity of childhood games. Victoria explains: “Like the sticker games played by children, these works look natural, as if they have not been carefully designed.” —— The series uses colorful gems to interpret endless childhood games, awakening people to childhood. Memories.

Dior High Jewellery Granville Red Tourmaline Ring

Dior High Jewellery Granville Pink Tourmaline Earrings

   Victoria’s favorite colored gems: emerald, peridot, aquamarine, tanzanite, emerald, pink tourmaline, red tourmaline, etc. are all displayed in the Granville series without exception .

Dior High Jewellery Granville Pink Tourmaline Bracelet

   She praised these glittering, delicate toned gemstones: ‘They seem to have life. As the finishing touch, colors are combined in a very harmonious way, so no color is absolutely dominated, every All colors have the same opportunity to shine. ‘

Dior High Jewellery Granville Morganite Ring

   Victoria harmoniously blends dark gemstones and aquamarine gemstones with different setting techniques, cuts and sizes to create a sense of color rhythm. Relying on the interplay of bright gems and precious metal materials, ingenious designs and unique rhythms, the jewelry works are full of feminine and dynamic, showing the extraordinary skills from the most advanced high-end jewelry workshops in Paris.
   At the same time, in order to pay tribute to Mr. Dior’s childhood in Normandy, Victoria also designed La D de Dior ‘Granville’ series of high-end watches.

La D de Dior Granville Collection

   Nine pieces of this series are made of white, yellow or rose gold. Among them, the bezel of the rose gold model is set with a round brilliant-cut yellow sapphire and the crown is decorated with diamonds. The dial is made of turquoise and pale pink. The patent leather strap is paired with a rose gold buckle with diamonds.

 La D de Dior Granville Collection

   These new watches are perfect for the festive atmosphere of Lanville Carnival-those days that have added infinitely colorful colors to Mr. Dior’s childhood. At this time of year, Mr. Dior will always tirelessly design holiday clothing for himself and friends.