Chopin Launches 950 Platinum L.U.C Lunar One Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Limited Watch

L.U.C Lunar One was first introduced in 2005, and it has become the icon of Chopard’s fine watchmaking series for many years. Lunar One occupies a special position in the L.U.C series, which prompted Chopard to launch a special version for it: the case is entirely made of 950 platinum, limited to 100 pieces. 950 platinum is a very noble and long-lasting stable metal, showing a deep neutral gray. The case diameter is 43 mm, the sides are treated with vertical satin, and the bezel and lugs are polished to create a pleasing texture effect, which further enhances its visual depth and appeal.

   The multi-modified case perfectly matches the multi-layered dial. The dial is royal blue, which is in line with the trend. The solar radiation pattern radiates around the ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo below 12 o’clock. The ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo is decorated with white and stands out from the dial, naturally attracting attention. The perpetual calendar display is surrounded by chamfered borders to ensure perfect legibility. The large Roman numeral time stamp font is unique and has been mirror-polished. The moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock, and the dark blue sky dots the stars of the northern hemisphere night sky, and decorates the changing moon phases.

   The Calibre 96.13-L movement is the crown jewel of the Chopard Manufacture, and its perpetual calendar function always indicates the exact date, regardless of the length of a month, and even the February special case is taken into account. Its unique feature is the moon phase display, which is not just a disk rotating below the dial, but a complex set of parts that can show the true appearance of the moon. The orbital moon phase display (the moon phase rotates around the axis of the small second hand) is extremely accurate. It is carefully adjusted by Chopard watchmaking craftsmen. Only one day of error will occur every 122 years.

   The Chopard LUC Lunar One is equipped with a Calibre 96.13-L self-winding movement, equipped with a 22K gold micro-rotor. Precision operation. The traditional L.U.C logo embellishment and exquisite embossed ornamentation represent the extremely sophisticated retouching of the Calibre 96.13-L movement. The bridges are chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. The movement is also equipped with a round grained main splint, mirror-polished stainless steel parts, and a gooseneck hairspring trimmer. It not only meets Chopard’s highest quality standards, but also follows Chopard’s long-established and prestigious Geneva standards.