Casio Soft Pink Purple Early Summer And The Wind Shakes Fresh And Elegant

The Casio SHEEN women’s watch brand endorsed by Guilun Magnesium, a popular actress with outstanding temperament, has launched the solar women’s watch SHE-4502 series in the wind and sunshine, which is not only for women, but also for women. The style makes you shine with confidence!

   The SHE-4502 series adopts a small dial design and a thin body, which reflects the beauty of elegant and chic functions, showing women’s intellectual taste. The sun-like pattern at the center of the dial illuminates the petal-like scales of the sunflower, creating an endless romance; the 8 o’clock scale is a three-dimensional star shape, cute and full of fun, the design is simple but not simple, and the details in the details are more unique. The powerful function of solar power makes this simple and exquisite watch always set off your elegant temperament and unique charm.

Silver bezel

Reference price: RMB 2890


Golden bezel pink dial

Reference price: RMB 2990 yuan