Casio Radio Wave Series

G-SHOCK Radio Series

G-SHOCK radio wave series
G-SHOCK in the CASIO product series has always been known for its powerful, stylish and cool models, and has been sought after by fans. Recently, G-SHOCK has launched three radio wave models with different functions and different application fields. They are GulfmanGW-9100Y, MUDMANGW-9010, and RISEMANGW-9200, which fully implement the concepts of different fields of land, sea and air. The shape design and the different functions are equivalent to the one-to-one correspondence with the ocean, land and sky.
As a GW-9011Y specially designed for people who love sailing or general water sports, lightness without rust is its basic guarantee. The rust-proof structure is better, and the material is the hardest on the earth. The metal ‘titanium’ is as fine as rust-resistant titanium from the bezel to the screws, so that it will not rust even in the harshest environment, which also reduces the user’s ‘allergy’ ‘Response.’ In addition, the special grooved strap design can maintain the gap between the wrist and the strap to allow the water to fully evaporate and prevent sweat from staying. This series fully implements the marine concept, unique marine features, a stopwatch of one thousand hours, suitable for the need of long-term timing, will definitely make you addicted. Excellent solar technology and a stopwatch with a long sailing function make you move forward without fear.

G-SHOCK radio wave series
It is capable of galloping on land, limping at full speed, and limiting dust and mud to the limit. GW-9010 is naturally a blooming male wind. The watch body and buttons are molded at one time with a variety of different resins, thereby preventing the erosion of mud and dust during sports. The connection of the strap adopts a more durable screw lock structure design, which enhances the watch’s durability and corrosion resistance. The place that fully embodies humanization is the ergonomic design applied to the back cover and strap, which makes the watch close to the wrist and reduces sliding and displacement during the movement. The groove shape of the strap allows sweat to evaporate quickly and enhances wearing comfort. In addition, because it is equipped with the world’s leading six-station radio wave technology and its intelligent timing function specially designed for car rallying, the stopwatch measures 24 hours in total, and its super shockproof, dustproof and mudproof capabilities make the ‘G-SHOCK MUDMAN’ Watches can fully sponsor the Toyota Land Cruiser team to participate in the 28th Dakar Rally.

G-SHOCK radio wave series
With the unique models in the marine and land fields, the GW-9200 can give you another feeling and surprise at high altitude. A little different from the GW-9010 shock-proof function, the GW-9200 incorporates the sensor into the newly designed G-SHOCK shock-proof system, which makes this sensor watch meet the various G-SHOCK shock-resistant and waterproof standards. Shockproof sensors, pressure sensors with 3-layer protective structure, advanced measurement functions, and a shockproof wind tunnel structure specially set for pressure sensors are new features of this watch. With these unique high-precision technology contents, even if you are in a high-altitude cloud and an undersea sky, you can know the changes in temperature and air pressure, allowing you to shuttle freely.
It is worth noting that the meticulous design of the three major series all reflects the unique ingenuity of Casio. On the back of each watch, the mascots of turtles, moles and dragons are engraved. These carefully designed details are real portrayals of the ocean, land and sky.