Casio G-shock 2013 Summer Crazy Color Series

The dark image of G-Shock has been ingrained in everyone’s minds for many years. Everyone naturally associates black with G-Shock. Probably Casio also noticed this phenomenon, so recently Constantly injecting bold color schemes into G-Shock, for example, the brand’s recently released summer collection, created a number of new DW-6900 watches under the name “Crazy Color” in the opening name;

 In addition to the color reference to the Japanese robot cartoon, the star pattern has become the theme element this time, exuding a strong oriental flavor, and the use of a white case and red surface design, which matches the dial The yellow star pattern looks like the entire national flag was transplanted to G-Shock, like a Chinese special note timepiece. The above models are priced at ¥ 12,500 and will be available at Casio retailers soon.