Casio And Girls’ Generation Shoot Summer Campaign Watches

As a Casio spokesperson, every time Casio releases a new product, all members of Girls’ Generation must be invited to shoot a commercial. Indeed, Casio has recently released a new watch, which can be said to be specially created for this summer. Each of the 9 Girls’ Generation members wore a Casio watch that suits their style, showing 9 different styles. If it’s you, which one will you choose to decorate this summer’s look and add points to the new look of summer?

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watches

 Lin Yun’er wore a black top and white leggings. She was smart and casual. She wore a black Casio watch in her hand, which was fashionable and fashionable. However, the black watch was thinner, making her wrists look slimmer and sexy.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Jessica

 Jessica wore vintage blue shorts, revealing sexy vest lines, paired with washed worn skinny jeans, wearing a dark and retro Casio watch, showing harmony and beauty.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Sunny

 Sunny wears dark shorts, and white Casio watches can brighten the shape, adding more vitality and youth to the overall shape.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watches Tiffany

Tiffany’s white dress, mix and match with white watches, sweet and lively.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Taeyeon

 Taeyeon striped short top, sexy and charming, with tassel denim hot pants, very cool, wearing a white Casio watch, adding points to the shape.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Yuri

Yuri wears a gradient gray shirt and black leggings, and wears a metallic watch, which is very fashionable.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xiao Yuan

 Xiaoyuan’s white loose vest and frayed jeans mix and match, handsome and uninhibited, while the blue Casio watch not only enhances the neutral feeling, but also creates a comfortable and cool feeling with white, which is most suitable for summer wear.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xiuying

Xiuying wore a white vest and ink T-shirt, white frayed trousers, and a white Casio watch.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xu Xian

 Xu Xian wore a white cut-out dress with a white watch, which was very goddess-like. For a ladylike look, Xu Xian’s style was impeccable.