Cartier Opens Maison Cartier In South Korea

Following Paris, London and New York, Cartier opened Maison Cartier in Cheongdam, Seoul, Korea in October 2008. Maison Cartier is located in Seoul with five floors and each floor space is about 157 square meters. The extremely spacious space not only allows each of Cartier’s products to get the best display position, customers who enter Maison Cartier can also immediately Feel the comfort of a spacious and comfortable space.
     Cartier, known as the ‘King of Jewels, King’s Jewelry’, also presents its own brand store in a royal rank. Maison Cartier’s design was handed by French architect David-Pierre Jalicon. Consistently elegant and pure French style, and in order to highlight the uniqueness of Maison Cartier in Korea, David-Pierre Jalicon also added elements such as stone and bronze to the design. Maison Cartier provides a full range of integrated services, including the display and sale of a full range of Cartier products, high-end custom jewellery and exclusive after-sales service.